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Chinese Discrimination : Revelstoke community makes a resolution to have no dealings with the Chinese in their midst - neithe
Chinese Discrimination
The Chinese Scare : London England invaded by a host of Chinese laundrymen.
The Chinese Scare
Chinese Ban : Labor organizations of Nelson adopted a resolution pledging its members to discourage employment or
Chinese Ban
Michel Labour : Michel veterans draw up resolution against hiring natives of countries which fought against the alli
Michel Labour
Meeting of Provincial Board : Opening sessions of annual meeting for the advisory board of farmers institutes included East Kooten
Meeting of Provincial Board
Hospital Bills Owing : Due to half the debt owing to Kootenay Lake hospital in Nelson belonging to Doukhobors, only payment
Hospital Bills Owing
A.E. Watts : Wattsburgs' A.E. Watts offers reward of $5,000 for information leading to the conviction and unseati
A.E. Watts
Peck Swears Off : Newspaper excerpt Nelson Daily News - carrying a poem of former staff member of Ymir Mirror with his
Peck Swears Off
Cranbrook Rotary : Rotary Club starts crusade for "Better Cities, Better Citizens" in Oklahoma and urges other cities t
Cranbrook Rotary
Nelson Bridge : Nelson and district residents go to Victoria with petition signed by three thousand citizens from th
Nelson Bridge
Creston : 90 per cent of male residents show up for mass meeting in Creston to adopt a resolution to present t
City Council Report : Cranbrook City Council deals with four delegations as well as regular meeting items to make for a lo
City Council Report
City Council Estimates : Cranbrook City Council held special session with estimates for upcoming years expenses and proposed
City Council Estimates
City Council : Cranbrook City Council meeting with a delegation from Slaterville asking for a firm response on the
City Council
Mrs. C.J. Little : Cranbrook send two ladies to Nelson to attend Ladies' Liberal Association convention.
Mrs. C.J. Little
Board Of Trade : Cranbrook Board of Trade renews advertising contract to send brochures to Canada, US and European to
Board Of Trade
Fink In Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary held regular luncheon meeting and condolences were passed to past president Fink on
Fink In Rotary
Brewery Water Line : Cranbrook Works committee rescinds on deal to relay old brewery line as the city's legal authority q
Brewery Water Line
Dr. Fergie Lieut.-Gov. : Newspaper exerpt Calgary Herald - Gyro Convention held in Calgary elects Nelson Gyro president at go
Dr. Fergie Lieut.-Gov.
Kaslo Council : Kaslo general news and water and electrical bylaws.
Kaslo Council
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