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Kaslo Chinese : A dozen Chinese arrived in Kaslo to work at placer mining on Kaslo creek.
Kaslo Chinese
Chinese Question : C.P.R. forcing communities to accept Chinese cheap labor as they continue to employ them on their st
Chinese Question
Watts, A.E. : Mr. Watts of Liverpool, England organizing a company for developing a number of ledge propositions a
Watts, A.E.
Babylon Mine : While tunneling for ore body at Babylon Mine, an unexpected vein was uncovered which looks to yield
Babylon Mine
A. E. Watts : Liverpool man who spent last year in Fort Steele district will be coming back to area with syndicate
A. E. Watts
Wild Horse Gold : Wild Horse placer mines being worked.
Wild Horse Gold
Crowe Book : Former Moyie boy now an author of a well written book on mining laws.
Crowe Book
Government Offices : The government offices for East Kootenay, south division, moved from Fort Steele to Cranbrook May 19
Government Offices
Dewdney Trail : Newspaper excerpt Spokane Review - interviews ex-Governor George Dewdney on the reasoning behind and
Dewdney Trail
Review of Progress : Review of Cranbrook and district's progress during 1911 and outlook for 1912.
Review of Progress
Placer Claims : Ed. Murphy offering certification of work of placer claims only Perry Creek.
Placer Claims
Rotary Wild Horse Production : Cranbrook Rotary Club will put on a production about the early days of Wild Horse Gulch placer diggi
Rotary Wild Horse Production
Mining News : Promoting East kootenay.
Mining News
Spokane Focus : Large article on Trail Creek mining prospects and the towns of Spokane, Trail and Rossland.
Spokane Focus
Mining Notes : Comings and goings in the mining sector along with business developments.
Mining Notes
Placer Mining on Wild Horse Creek c.1898
Placer Mining on Wild Horse Creek c.1898
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