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Alien Vote : Vancouver municipal elections will no longer allow aliens to vote.
Alien Vote
Chinese Voting : Chinamen allowed to vote in municipal elections in Toronto.
Chinese Voting
Cranbrook - Relief : Cranbrook to receive $24,000 to go towards public works undertaken by unemployment relief workers.
Cranbrook - Relief
Government Building Lawn : Cranbrook bowling club practice on the lawn in front of municipal building.
Government Building Lawn
Cranbrook Municipal Slate Runs : Cranbrook men organize a slate for Municipal Election, ask for citizens votes.
Cranbrook Municipal Slate Runs
The Gymnasium : Men's Own meeting held at Cranbrook Gymnasium discussed the municipal question of strong and clean g
The Gymnasium
Zuckerberg Island
Zuckerberg Island
Zuckerberg Island
Zuckerberg Island
Park & Pool : Cranbrook City Council had a long regular monthly meeting dealing with park and pool by-law, cost of
Park & Pool
Park & Pool By-Law : City of Cranbrook adopted By-Law to borrow $10,000 for the purpose of purchasing land and establishi
Park & Pool By-Law
Review of Progress : Review of Cranbrook and district's progress during 1911 and outlook for 1912.
Review of Progress
City Council Report : Cranbrook City Council deals with four delegations as well as regular meeting items to make for a lo
City Council Report
Cranbrook City Council : Cranbrook City Council has last meeting of the year before elections, with most council deciding to
Cranbrook City Council
Garrett : Cranbrook resident leaves for Vancouver to visit her brother, editor of the Municipal News.
City Works - Water : Cranbrook City Council working as the water supply committee authorizes the purchase of tractor with
City Works - Water
Tourist Park : Cranbrook demolishing old firehall and salvaged lumber will be used in construction of ten cabins in
Tourist Park
Clearing for Pool : Lumber from Cranbrooks' old firehall being used for building ten cabins in municipal tourist camp an
Clearing for Pool
Tourist Park Construction : Cranbrooks' old fire hall has been demolished and lumber used in building ten cabins in the Tourist
Tourist Park Construction
Pool Construction : Construction of Cranbrook swimming pool, when completed, will be the largest outdoor pool in the pro
Pool Construction
Board Of Trade : Cranbrook Board of Trade renews advertising contract to send brochures to Canada, US and European to
Board Of Trade
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