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Airport Upgrades : Reporting on ongoing work at Cranbrook Airport leveling bumpy field to extend runway.
Airport Upgrades
Transportation - Planes : Trans-Canada Airlines express service commenced with passenger service to begin later.
Transportation - Planes
Cranbrook Airport : Wiring work underway for lights on the extension of Cranbrook Airport runway.
Cranbrook Airport
Yahk Autoists : Comings and goings of Yahk residents and visitors.
Yahk Autoists
Cranbrook Baker Home : Local art sculptor working the soil at Col. Baker conservatories to show them the high art of garden
Cranbrook Baker Home
Cranbrook Entertainment : Isolde Menges and her $20,000 Stradivarius to vist Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Entertainment
Elephant Hunt : Two out of six of the elephants that stampeded from circus cars being offloaded in Cranbrook still a
Elephant Hunt
Indian Tracker Chased : Three elephants still on loose near Cranbrook and reports of them attacking men.
Indian Tracker Chased
Wings Of Cranbrook : "Wings of Cranbrook" fitted with skis and has no difficulty taking off and landing at the airport.
Wings Of Cranbrook
Elephants at Large : Dense woods, deep ravines and steep hillsides act as obstacles for the men pursuing the three elepha
Elephants at Large
Cranbrook First Flight : Cranbrook to go down in the annals of aviation history as first airplane landed there enroute to Cal
Cranbrook First Flight
Unknown Mining Camp
Unknown Mining Camp
Airport Rental : Since Cranbrook city took possession of airport it is hoped the requisite number of people will enro
Airport Rental
Duncan River
Duncan River
TCA Express Service Commences : The inaugural flight of TCA's express service between Vancouver and Winnipeg
TCA Express Service Commences
New Airport Building : New Airport Building in Cranbrook 1938
New Airport Building
Airport Upgrades : Airport Upgrades
Airport Upgrades
City Airport : Grant made by Department of Transport to to extend and improve landing facilities at Cranbrook Airpo
City Airport
A plane
A plane
Man with a plane
Man with a plane
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