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Moyie Leader : Moyie Leader editor takes trip to Cranbrook to see how booming the town is, and is impressed with th
Moyie Leader
Wardner Notes : First train of cars to cross Kootenay River, ferry across river now charges, comings and goings of W
Wardner Notes
Military Con Men : Two invalided soldiers from Calgary were stopped in Cranbrook after trying to fleece residents.
Military Con Men
Colored Joke : Joke about an Englishman trying to catch a train.
Colored Joke
Doukhobor Coverage : Description of immigrants in the Winnipeg station, a study of Englishmen, Doukhobors and Galicians.
Doukhobor Coverage
Rockies Trail Rides : Banff and Lake Louise famous for their summer programs of the two great Canadian Pacific Railway hot
Rockies Trail Rides
Wycliffe Autoists : Comings and goings of Wycliffe residents and their visitors.
Wycliffe Autoists
In Wardner : Oldtime rider named "Kootenay Brown" visits two surveying camps bringing mail and messages.
In Wardner
Unique Order : Most unique running order ever issued by a Canadian railway was for the engineer of the C.P.R. freig
Unique Order
Wordens Driving To California : Due to snow and heavy roads Mrs. Worden went to Spokane by train, while husband driving his car, the
Wordens Driving To California
Elephants at Large : Dense woods, deep ravines and steep hillsides act as obstacles for the men pursuing the three elepha
Elephants at Large
Elephant Christening : Cranbrooks' Mayor pours a bottle of champagne on elephants head and declares him to be named Cranbro
Elephant Christening
Bishop Blesses Hospital : New Westminsters' Catholic bishop visits and holds services in Cranbrook, Moyie, Fernie and St. Mary
Bishop Blesses Hospital
Ladies Aid To Hospital : Members of the Ladies' Aid of each church in Cranbrook are urged to attend meeting to discuss plans
Ladies Aid To Hospital
Edmonton Circus Report : Edmonton spends long weekend starting with an elephant stampede through the city and then to the cir
Edmonton Circus Report
Cranbrook First Flight : Cranbrook to go down in the annals of aviation history as first airplane landed there enroute to Cal
Cranbrook First Flight
3rd Contingent 2nd Detachment : With departure of the third contingent, Cranbook has now supplied 168 men to the war.
3rd Contingent 2nd Detachment
Runaway : Horse shies from east bound train and becomes a runaway on Baker street in Cranbrook.
Description of Train Wreck : Detailed description of collision between two trains near Wardner, resulting in one fatality.
Description of Train Wreck
Coroner Report : Updating health of two men hurt in collision of trains near Wardner, and the results of a coroners i
Coroner Report
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