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Marysville Bridge : Appeal for bridge across the St. Marys River
Marysville Bridge
Road Expenditures : Large provincial grant allotted to roads.
Road Expenditures
Marysville News : People and St. Mary Valley.
Marysville News
Anglican Church : Newspaper
Anglican Church
CPR Survey : Surveying railway line between Robson and Trail.
CPR Survey
McCallum Wholesale : McCallum & Co. have opened a grocery wholesale warehouse at Trail Creek Landing.
McCallum Wholesale
Tramway Trouble : Dispute between Mr. Heinze and D.C. Corbin regarding construction of the Trail Creek Tramway.
Tramway Trouble
Transportation : Construction of wagon road to Sayward and Trail ferry.
Road Conditions : Work going on at Waneta.
Road Conditions
Desjardin Ad : New blacksmith on Rossland Road.
Desjardin Ad
Tramway : News of the Trail Creek Tramway.
Columbia & Western RR : Federal government receives proposal to build the Columbia and Western Railway from Rossland to Pent
Columbia & Western RR
Tramway Notes : Building the Trail Creek Tramway.
Tramway Notes
Heinze : Heinze building Trail Creek Tramway and developing the Trail Creek Smelting Co.
Trail Pamphlet : Great description of very early Trail and of transportation to that city.
Trail Pamphlet
Personal Notes : Development in both Rossland and Trail.
Personal Notes
Spokane Focus : Large article on Trail Creek mining prospects and the towns of Spokane, Trail and Rossland.
Spokane Focus
Transportation Notes : Notes regarding expansion and changes of transportation routes and facilities.
Transportation Notes
Railroads : Promotion of Heinze's efforts to build a railway through the Boundary to Penticton.
British Investors : British money being brought into Columbia and Western railway construction by Heinze.
British Investors
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