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Assayer Ad : Newspaper advertisement
Assayer Ad
Kaslo Notes : Site for City Hall and location of assaying office.
Kaslo Notes
Sandon News : CPR impacting Sandon's townsite.
Sandon News
Smelters : Mining is driving Kootenay economy.
Three Forks News : Three Forks is growing - church and school.
Three Forks News
Kaslo Hospital : Construction of hospital goes ahead.
Kaslo Hospital
Fire Concerns : Government support not forthcoming.
Fire Concerns
Kaslo Notes : Newspaper
Kaslo Notes
Kaslo Wharf : Kaslo and Slocan Railway builds a wharf.
Kaslo Wharf
McGuigan Creek Bridge : McGuigan Creek bridge to be built.
McGuigan Creek Bridge
Mining Promotion : Newspaper
Mining Promotion
Kaslo Notes : Brickyard burning bricks.
Kaslo Notes
Baseball : Newspaper
Smelting : Pocket smelting.
Personal Items : District news of a wide variety.
Personal Items
Deer Park : An expansive description of Deer Park before development.
Deer Park
Deer Park : Mineral discoveries and prelude to development.
Deer Park
Spokane Focus : Large article on Trail Creek mining prospects and the towns of Spokane, Trail and Rossland.
Spokane Focus
Monte Carlo : Promotion of the mining camp at Waterloo Landing and change of name to Monte Carlo.
Monte Carlo
Brooklyn History : A good write-up on Brooklyn.
Brooklyn History
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