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J. Wallace, Brickmaker : Reporting on death of pioneer brickmaker, many brick buildings in Cranbrook were made under his supe
J. Wallace, Brickmaker
Women Conquer Mount Evans : First hand account from the first two women that conquered Mount Evans.
Women Conquer Mount Evans
Rectory At Home : Bishop of Kootenay at Christ Church for Confirmation Service, members invited to meet Bishop in the
Rectory At Home
Anglican Hall Bazaar : Success for Anglican Womens annual bazaar and tea.
Anglican Hall Bazaar
Cranbrook Cemetery : Expansion of current cemetery with ornamental natural stone wall in budget.
Cranbrook Cemetery
Knights Against Chinese : Union address to reinstate Chinese immigration restriction that is expiring after 100 years.
Knights Against Chinese
Doukhobors : Doukhobor lament written by a constable from Clinton, BC. about arrest of protestors and shipment to
Premier Lake : In just 3 days over 500 pounds of salmon were taken from Premier Lake.
Premier Lake
Circus Cranbrook : Circus man's remains sent home after being killed by an elephant, second man at same circus to be ki
Circus Cranbrook
Hanging Glaciers Hike : First hand report from ladies who spent holiday on horseback visiting Lake of the Hanging Glacier ne
Hanging Glaciers Hike
Big Game : U.S big game hunter returns home with fine trophies after trip to Rockies.
Big Game
Gyro Pool Lifeguard : Prior to departure for Winnipeg, D. Whittle was guest of honor at several parties.
Gyro Pool Lifeguard
Cranbrook Autoists : Comings and goings of Kootenay locals and their visitors.
Cranbrook Autoists
Driving Accident : After a long journey through the states without a bit of trouble, local party meet with mishap withi
Driving Accident
Fort Steele Autoists : Detailing comings and goings of Fort Steele residents and their visitors.
Fort Steele Autoists
Lumberton Autoists : Comings and goings of Lumberton residents and softball teams.
Lumberton Autoists
Yahk Autoists : Comings and goings of Yahk residents and visitors.
Yahk Autoists
Business Section Fire : After five years without a fire of consequence the city of Cranbrook lost seven places in the busine
Business Section Fire
Game In East Kootenay : Historic description by C.M. Edwards.
Game In East Kootenay
Bert Manning Dies : Former resident of Cranbrook passes away.
Bert Manning Dies
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