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Perry Creek : Perry Creek Hydraulic Mining Co. offering shares in their operation, stating they have millions of t
Perry Creek
McVittie & Laidlaw : Mining engineers and surveyors in Cranbrook.
McVittie & Laidlaw
Edison Theatre : Cranbrooks new Edison Theater will exhibit the newest, latest, most up-to-date and realistic shows a
Edison Theatre
Edison Theatre : With detailed programme of upcoming performances at Cranbrooks new Edison Theatre.
Edison Theatre
Cranbrook Municipal Slate Runs : Cranbrook men organize a slate for Municipal Election, ask for citizens votes.
Cranbrook Municipal Slate Runs
Little & Atchison Ads : Cranbrook Meat Market moving to new location and Atchisons Poultry Farm selling hatching eggs and ch
Little & Atchison Ads
J.G. McCallum Company : Cranbrook hardware merchants have stoves for the camp, the bush or the shop.
J.G. McCallum Company
Patmore Bros. : Cranbrook Hardware store sells themselves as the Big Stick among ranges in the Kootenay Range.
Patmore Bros.
Arnold & Roberts : Cranbrook Insurance company offering employers policies to protect themselves from the Employers Lia
Arnold & Roberts
Canadian Bank of Commerce : Cranbrook branch of Bank of Commerce offering savings bank department with deposits of $1 and upward
Canadian Bank of Commerce
Beattie & Atchison : Beattie & Atchison drug store offering cold cure tablets or Dr. Scott's Prescription No. 99 to arres
Beattie & Atchison
Miss A.L. Hillam : Cranbrook teacher of the pianoforte.
Miss A.L. Hillam
Imperial Bank of Canada : Imperial Bank of Canada with interest allowed on Savings Accounts from date of deposit at current ra
Imperial Bank of Canada
J.D. McBride : Cranbrook hardware store where to get your hardware supplies where you get the most for the least mo
J.D. McBride
Kootenay Valley Company : 20,000 acres of select lands in Kootenay Valley for sale at from $3 to $10 per acre.
Kootenay Valley Company
Manitoba Hotel : Cranbrooks' Manitoba Hotel as headquarters for Lumbermen offers the best dining rooms in the city an
Manitoba Hotel
A.L. McDermot : Cranbrooks' McDermot with new stock of wines, liquors and cigars to fill all hotel or family orders.
A.L. McDermot
Mrs. Bent : Cranbrook nurse who specializes in maternity cases.
Mrs. Bent
Robinson & McKenzie : Robinson & McKenzie Lumber Co. offering all kinds of rough and dressed lumber at the saw and planing
Robinson & McKenzie
W.H. Wilson : Cranbrook jeweller whose business is partly devoted to putting clocks and watches right.
W.H. Wilson
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