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Cranbrook Recalled : Early events of Cranbrook history read at literary meeting, including a time when there were only 5
Cranbrook Recalled
Corbin Strike : Corbin strike sends 42 people to hospital, with one constable slugged with a hammer who may die.
Corbin Strike
Cranbrook Hatchery : Cranbrook Hatchery annual meeting reporting record egg collection and distribution figures.
Cranbrook Hatchery
Cranbrook Airport : Wiring work underway for lights on the extension of Cranbrook Airport runway.
Cranbrook Airport
Airmail Now Available : New fast airmail now available to points east of Cranbrook.
Airmail Now Available
Cranbrook Autoists : Comings and goings of Kootenay locals and their visitors.
Cranbrook Autoists
Fort Steele Autoists : Detailing comings and goings of Fort Steele residents and their visitors.
Fort Steele Autoists
Yahk Autoists : Comings and goings of Yahk residents and visitors.
Yahk Autoists
A. Williams, Mail Clerk : After receiving medical attention in Yahk and assuming duties, mail clerk dies on train near Lethbri
A. Williams, Mail Clerk
Movement of Chinese : Freight train passes through Golden with four car loads of Chinese.
Movement of Chinese
Potential of East Kootenay : Newspaper excerpt Vancouver World - describing the rich mining and farming available in East Kootena
Potential of East Kootenay
Leitch Sisters Reunion : Sisters reunited 41 years after being separated after Frank slide disaster killed their parents and
Leitch Sisters Reunion
Plungers Club : Newspaper article Cranbrook Plungers Swim Club preparing for summer season of meets.
Plungers Club
Chinese Burial At Revelstoke : Newspaper article Chinaman died just as train pulled into Golden station, remains carried through to
Chinese Burial At Revelstoke
Chinese Burial At Revelstoke : Newspaper article another Chinaman died on westbound train and body was carried through to Revelstok
Chinese Burial At Revelstoke
Smuggling Chinese : Two Chinamen landed in Northport under mysterious circumstances.
Smuggling Chinese
CPR Accident : Man trying to board a moving train got his left leg cut off.
CPR Accident
Castlegar Station Museum
Castlegar Station Museum
Crows Nest Pass Railway : Newspaper excerpt from Kuskanook Searchlight - railway contractor passed through Kuskanook with 75
Crows Nest Pass Railway
Wardner : Crow's Nest Pass Railway line now completed to Wardner, making it a boom town with many residents an
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