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Reverend Holford : Prayer and bible study service in the home of Rev. Holford.
Reverend Holford
Watt Family : The family of Swansea rancher arrived from England to join Mr Watt's on his ranch.
Watt Family
H. M. Wentworth : Well-known editor of the Herald returned to his home in Spokane.
H. M. Wentworth
CPR Superintendents House : CPR preparing to move a large residence from Macleod to Cranbrook, to be remodeled and become one of
CPR Superintendents House
Cranbrook Social & Literary Club : Article reporting on the election of officers for the new Social and Literary Club of Knox Presbyter
Cranbrook Social & Literary Club
Reverend Holford : Reporting upcoming Baptist church service, "the Refiner" and prayer meeting.
Reverend Holford
James F. Wardner : Article reporting on the death by pneumonia of the wife of James Wardner, the veteran western miner.
James F. Wardner
Fort Steele Notes : Reports from Fort Steele on comings and goings of local citizens. One report was Col. Sam Steele wa
Fort Steele Notes
Reverend D.L. Gordon : Newspaper excerpt from Fernie Free Press - reporting the expected return of Reverend Gordon.
Reverend D.L. Gordon
Gilpin : Mr. Gilpins wife, who is in England, is still sick but improving and should be returning home soon.
Lounsbury : Father-in-law of local resident has returned to Edmonton after visiting several weeks to dispose of
Moyie News : Newspaper excerpt from Moyie Leader - reporting on the comings and goings of citizens in Moyie, also
Moyie News
Statement of Intent : East Kootenay Miner intent on making the paper one of the best sources of information in East Kooten
Statement of Intent
Columbia House : Hotel with home comforts, modern conveniences and best cuisine in the west.
Columbia House
Route Surveying : Describing the trials and tribulations of two men travelling from Lethbridge to Fort Steele, report
Route Surveying
Steele House : Hotel in Fort Steele considered travellers headquarters with first class liquors and cigars and the
Steele House
Fernie and Cranbrook Women : Cranbrooks first attempt at ladies' hockey failed against the best ladies' hockey team in the west,
Fernie and Cranbrook Women
Rev. and Brothers Reid : After visiting his brothers in town, reverend returned to Walla Walla.
Rev. and Brothers Reid
Transportation - Planes : Old time locomotive engineer purchased an airplane at Calgary and flew to Cranbrook in it.
Transportation - Planes
V. Hyde Baker Dies : Reporting on the death of Hyde Baker in England. Baker arrived in Cranbrook over 50 years ago with
V. Hyde Baker Dies
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