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Cheap Fares to Big Bend : Newspaper article with exerpt from The Columbian Government subsidized steamer transports people to
Cheap Fares to Big Bend
Blackfoot Report : A report on the winter conditions of Blackfoot country.
Blackfoot Report
R. Randolph Bruce : Stating businesses and street decorated for the arrival of Lieutenant-Governor R.R. Bruce.
R. Randolph Bruce
Fights With Indians : Features exerpts from the Portland Oregonian as well as other newspapers on the war with the Indians
Fights With Indians
Cranbrook Gyros : Reporting on the visit of Gyros Governor from Edmonton due to convention business.
Cranbrook Gyros
Big Bend and Kootenay : Newspaper article talking of the current weather conditions of Big Bend and Kootenay along with the
Big Bend and Kootenay
Moyie Autoists : Newspaper article reporting an automobile accident west of Moyie. Also reporting the opening of a ne
Moyie Autoists
Windermere Autoists : Article reporting on the glorious time 135 men and women from the Federation of Canadian Teachers ha
Windermere Autoists
Police Business : On arrest of runaway couple from Blairmore after her husband telegrammed ahead to report their arriv
Police Business
R. Randolph Bruce : Reporting on a visit to the city by Lieutenant-Governor Robert Bruce, who appeared to be a man visit
R. Randolph Bruce
Fred Roo : Reporting on whirlwind visit from all-around hustler from Phillipps.
Fred Roo
Crows Nest Coal : Reporting Crow's Nest Coal of better quality than Grand Coulee Coal, enabling engine men to use less
Crows Nest Coal
Watt Family : The family of Swansea rancher arrived from England to join Mr Watt's on his ranch.
Watt Family
H.W. Herchmer : Newspaper excerpt from Fernie Free Press - reporting Fernie barrister left for Calgary to meet a bro
H.W. Herchmer
Kootenay House : Hotel that is headquarters for commercial and mining men, convenient to railway depot and steamboat
Kootenay House
Transportation Routes : Advertisement for steamers from Golden to Fort Steele in 48 hours.
Transportation Routes
Railway Notes : Ongoing work of constructing the Crow's Nest Pass railway, 12,000 men due to start work and 25 cars
Railway Notes
Presbyterian Church : Local reverend and another resident taking train to Grand Forks to attend Kootenay Presbtery.
Presbyterian Church
Peter Lund Recalls Frank Slide : Newspaper excerpt from Lethbridge Herald - with account of railway workers who just missed being bur
Peter Lund Recalls Frank Slide
Doukhobors : Doukhobor lament written by a constable from Clinton, BC. about arrest of protestors and shipment to
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