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Kimberley Hockey
Kimberley Hockey
Bull River Mill and Townsite
Bull River Mill and Townsite
Mark Creek Flood 1948
Mark Creek Flood 1948
Early Baker Street Scene
Early Baker Street Scene
T. M. Roberts : Detailing the purchase of 2 real estate businesses by T.M. Roberts.
T. M. Roberts
Lumbering Basic Industry : Lumbering continues as main basic industry in East Kootenay. Detailing the industry from the beginn
Lumbering Basic Industry
Cranbrook Fire Protection : Reporting on first fire in four years that almost took the business district.
Cranbrook Fire Protection
Cranbrook Turf & Athletic Assoc. : Shareholders general meeting of the Cranbrook Turf and Athletic association.
Cranbrook Turf & Athletic Assoc.
Windermere Mines : Article reporting on the ongoing good reports coming from the mines in Windermere district.
Windermere Mines
Fort Steele Mining Division : The mining district of East Kootenay is now sub-divided into a Northern District and a Southern Dist
Fort Steele Mining Division
Golden Townsite : Detailing Golden to be the leading railway and mining town in East Kootenay, owners of townsite are
Golden Townsite
Fort Steele Mining : Reporting on the town of Cranbrook as future capital of S.E. Kootenay is nearing completion of surve
Fort Steele Mining
Railway Construction : Ongoing construction on railway, with 10 mile prohibition belt to be enforced. Meaning any town clo
Railway Construction
Swansea Surveyed : Reporting on another new townsite being surveyed near Moyie Lake.
Swansea Surveyed
Cranbrook Promotion : Showing Cranbrook as the natural commercial, mining, lumbering and railway center of Southeast Koote
Cranbrook Promotion
V. Hyde Baker Dies : Reporting on the death of Hyde Baker in England. Baker arrived in Cranbrook over 50 years ago with
V. Hyde Baker Dies
Cranbrook Townsite Office : One of the first buildings erected in Cranbrook undergoing alterations.
Cranbrook Townsite Office
Town Name : Promoters of Pilot Bay trying to find name for townsite.
Town Name
Townsite Dispute : Excitement caused by announcement that 25 citizens of Bonner's Ferry moved onto townsite property in
Townsite Dispute
Cranbrook Recalled : Early events of Cranbrook history read at literary meeting, including a time when there were only 5
Cranbrook Recalled
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