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Miss Macleod : Miss Macleod heading east to purchase an entire new stock of goods, upon her return her new store wi
Miss Macleod
Cranbrook Co-operative Store : Cranbrook Co-operative Stores talking deals, with MacFarlane in the lead.
Cranbrook Co-operative Store
A.W. Bleasdell : Newspaper excerpt Fernie Ledge - A.W. Bleasdell to move into post office block and once his fixtures
A.W. Bleasdell
R.E. Beattie Interview : Cranbrooks first and present postmaster and owner of Beattie & Atcheson drug store.
R.E. Beattie Interview
W.T. Reid Interview : Newspaper interview with W.T. Reid, not only a pioneer store keeper of Cranbrook but Wardner and Moy
W.T. Reid Interview
Jake Fink Interview : Newspaper interview after working in Kaslo, Ainsworth, Wardner and Fort Steele, Jake Fink took over
Jake Fink Interview
Eneas Small Interview : Newspaper interview Eneas Small left PEI to move to British Columbia to see the place where men were
Eneas Small Interview
Cranbrook - Firsts : Detailing first things in Cranbrook, from first building to first baby born.
Cranbrook - Firsts
A.E. Watts : Early pioneer who took the Crow's Nest Pass trail to Cranbrook two years before the railway tells of
A.E. Watts
Belgian Relief Committee : Store to open up for two weeks in Cranbrook to receive goods for the relief of Belgium.
Belgian Relief Committee
Little & Atchison Ads : Cranbrook Meat Market moving to new location and Atchisons Poultry Farm selling hatching eggs and ch
Little & Atchison Ads
Runaway : Horse shies from east bound train and becomes a runaway on Baker street in Cranbrook.
Poultry Association : Cranbrooks' Poultry Association to hold regular meeting, some freak birds to be exhibited.
Poultry Association
Patmore Bros. : Cranbrook Hardware store sells themselves as the Big Stick among ranges in the Kootenay Range.
Patmore Bros.
Beattie & Atchison : Beattie & Atchison drug store offering cold cure tablets or Dr. Scott's Prescription No. 99 to arres
Beattie & Atchison
Campbell & Manning : Cranbrook store where you get new goods of the best quality or item will be replaced or money will b
Campbell & Manning
J.D. McBride : Cranbrook hardware store where to get your hardware supplies where you get the most for the least mo
J.D. McBride
Farrell Block Fire : Moyie fire in Farrell Block resulting in heavy losses to all occupants, some without insurance.
Farrell Block Fire
Cranbrook - The Palm : Herald reporter drops in to check out the working conditions in the kitchens and finds them immacula
Cranbrook - The Palm
Cranbrook Co-operative Store : Cranbook Co-operative Store sold off the grocery department to J. Manning and will concentrate their
Cranbrook Co-operative Store
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