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Albertan Wreckless Driver : Newspaper article reporting on the accident that took place on the highway while a couple was travel
Albertan Wreckless Driver
Lumber Industry : Reporting on constantly increasing demand upon Kootenay mills due to rapid growth in home markets in
Lumber Industry
Worden Property Sold : Reporting sale of residential property to Mr. Trozzo, with speculation of turning it into a duplex.
Worden Property Sold
Chinese Masons Rebuild : First sod being turned in re-establishment of Chinese Masonic building following recent fire totally
Chinese Masons Rebuild
Bowling Alley Building : Work being started on a new building which will house bowling alleys.
Bowling Alley Building
Lumbering Basic Industry : Lumbering continues as main basic industry in East Kootenay. Detailing the industry from the beginn
Lumbering Basic Industry
Edwards Remembers 1885 : An interesting outlook on progress in our area over the last 14 years by one of the first settlers i
Edwards Remembers 1885
Cranbrook Growth : Comparing Cranbrook 1898 to 1899, where speculation on the city has turned into reality.
Cranbrook Growth
Chinese Question : Article reporting on the "problem" of Chinese running businesses in town and their monopoly on the l
Chinese Question
Telephone Service : Arrival of telephone company employee for the express purpose of rewiring old plant and possible ext
Telephone Service
Drug Stores : Reporting on local drugstore improvements since opening when Cranbrook was still a prairie.
Drug Stores
Sports : Reporting on the success of various local amateur sports teams from Cranbrook.
Dr. King : Dr. King leaving for New York to attend a special course of lectures.
Dr. King
Reverend Holford : Rev. and Mrs. Holford will soon feel at home as their furniture has arrived.
Reverend Holford
Dr. King : Reporting Dr. King purchasing new home and moving his office there.
Dr. King
St. Eugene Hospital : Patient who has spent many weeks in the hospital after losing his leg will soon be released.
St. Eugene Hospital
Wentworth Hotel : Reporting residential moves of a couple of families, including Mr Wentworth who just leased a hotel
Wentworth Hotel
Leitch Home : Reporting on the building of a home that is said to become one of the handsomest homes in Cranbrook.
Leitch Home
First Baptist Church : Members of various Baptist societies meeting to consider the advisability of organizing a church.
First Baptist Church
V. Hyde Baker : Mr. and Mrs. Hyde Baker staying in their home in Nelson for a few weeks.
V. Hyde Baker
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