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Kootenai Water Plant : Water system news
Kootenai Water Plant
Mine Tax : Newspaper excerpt Vancouver World regarding the Le Roi mine and taxation.
Mine Tax
Mining Tax : A rant against excessive industry taxation.
Mining Tax
Railroad Development : Mentions CPR line between Robson and Trail Creek.
Railroad Development
Trail Banking : Item on the R.J. Bealey Co. bank.
Trail Banking
Trail Hotel Notes : Developments at the St. Elmo, Crown Point and Trail House.
Trail Hotel Notes
Waneta Library : Waneta concert cancelled.
Waneta Library
Trail School : Movement to build a Trail schoolhouse.
Trail School
Trail Smelter : Discussion on the ownership and importance of wood for fuel at smelters.
Trail Smelter
Trail Smelter : Topping to apply for water rights.
Trail Smelter
Trail Transportation Notes : Ferry, stage and other transportation developments.
Trail Transportation Notes
Tramway : News of the Trail Creek Tramway.
Waneta Bachelors : Waneta/Trail bachelor's party.
Waneta Bachelors
Waneta Hotel : Hotel Waneta to expand.
Waneta Hotel
Waneta Social News : Social news of the district.
Waneta Social News
Brown Building : Two-storey building located on the corner of Spokane and Cedar streets.
Brown Building
Burns And Co. : Burns & Co. building and Trail starting to grow.
Burns And Co.
Capt. Nesbitt : Captain Nesbitt transferring from Columbia River to Lake Coeur d'Alene ship.
Capt. Nesbitt
Columbia & Red Mountain RR : President Cleveland gives sweeping rights to railway company for use of Colville Reservation lands.
Columbia & Red Mountain RR
Columbia & Western RR : Federal government receives proposal to build the Columbia and Western Railway from Rossland to Pent
Columbia & Western RR
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