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Church Dedication : Many attended the blessing and dedication of St. Anthony's Church in Canal Flat, first building erec
Church Dedication
Special Session : Cranbrook Knights of Columbus hold special session to meet visiting Archbishop Duke.
Special Session
United Ministers : Fernie and Kimberley Ministers will occupy pulpit at Cranbrooks' United Church while pastor of that
United Ministers
Council Report : Cranbrook council trying to conserve on finances by selling off old steam fire siren, may be purchas
Council Report
Dr. Fergie Lieut.-Gov. : Newspaper exerpt Calgary Herald - Gyro Convention held in Calgary elects Nelson Gyro president at go
Dr. Fergie Lieut.-Gov.
Building Inspections : Provincial district resident architect makes an inspection of post office buildings at Cranbrook and
Building Inspections
Assayer Ad : Office located at the North Star mine.
Assayer Ad
Marysville News : General residential and business notes.
Marysville News
Marysville News : General news.
Marysville News
Beale & Elwell Ad : Newspaper advertisement
Beale & Elwell Ad
Town Populations : Census figures for East Kootenay towns.
Town Populations
Cranbrook Electric Light : Installing telephone links from Marysville to Kimberely.
Cranbrook Electric Light
Dr. Archibald : To operate drugstore in Fernie.
Dr. Archibald
Cranbrook Gyros : Cranbrook Gyros visited by regional brass and plan for District meeting and International convention
Cranbrook Gyros
Davis, James : James Davis of the B.C. Forest Service passed away in Kimberley Hospital, with services in Kimberley
Davis, James
Kimberley Gyros : Kimberley Gyros formed and clubs from region gatherr to celebrate. Roster of officers elected.
Kimberley Gyros
Kimberley Gyros Formed : Kimberley Gyros Formed
Kimberley Gyros Formed
U.S. Sportsmen go after big game : U.S. Sportsmen go after big game
U.S. Sportsmen go after big game
Gyro Girl Contest : Gyro Girl Contest
Gyro Girl Contest
Blue Cap Stage : Blue Cap Stage, accident
Blue Cap Stage