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Wycliffe Autoists : Comings and goings of Wycliffe residents by automobile and train.
Wycliffe Autoists
Moyie Autoists : Comings and goings of Moyie residents and visitors by automobile and train.
Moyie Autoists
Alan Graham, Barrister : Alan Graham, Barrister and Solicitor, with offices in Cranbrook and Kimberley.
Alan Graham, Barrister
Gyro Performance : Lumberton Rotary members made regular trip to Cranbrook for rehearsals, hints that Kimberley Rotary
Gyro Performance
City Given Cash : Meeting of Cranbrook Gyro Club announces the will give $4,000 to city council to defray primary cost
City Given Cash
International President Visits : Cranbrook and Kimberley Gyro Clubs hold most successful function in the history of their club in hon
International President Visits
Airport Rental : Since Cranbrook city took possession of airport it is hoped the requisite number of people will enro
Airport Rental
Concrete Pipe : Cranbrooks' skating rink not to stand idle on off seasons but to be put to use as a place for making
Concrete Pipe
Hatchery Financing : Cranbrooks hatchery is not only financially maintained from membership dues, but also for the genero
Hatchery Financing
Road Reconstruction : Ongoing road work on outlying areas in Cranbrook district nearing completion, and more work will be
Road Reconstruction
Orpheum Theatre : Kimberleys' Orpheum theatre discards its old talkie equipment and has new and expensive sound equipm
Orpheum Theatre
Kimberley Gyros : Kimberley Gyros hold weekly dinner dealing with upcoming annual Gyro spring carnival, with 10 percen
Kimberley Gyros
Kimberley Gyro Carnival : Newspaper articles everyone invited to go to Kimberley Gyros' Spring Carnival and Cranbrook Gyros' S
Kimberley Gyro Carnival
Gyro Carnival : Kimberley Gyros' officiate as Cranbrook Gyro club officers were inducted into office for the year, t
Gyro Carnival
Gyro Pool : Kimberley Press writer and party returning from Wasa stopped at Cranbrook and was surprised at the h
Gyro Pool
Change of Teachers : Cranbrook school board meeting deals with three teacher resignations, the hiring of replacements and
Change of Teachers
Arches Contract : Cranbrook Board of Trade let a contract for the erection of two "Welcome" arch signs on East and Wes
Arches Contract
Son Charles Publishes History : Former Cranbrook boy, who through complications from measles is blind, is now a college professor at
Son Charles Publishes History
Grand Master Visits : Deputy grand master of the Odd Fellows' grand lodge of BC pays official visit to Cranbrook and Kimbe
Grand Master Visits
Gyro Convention : Cranbrook and Kimberley Gyros jointly entertained visiting Gryo dignataries and ask for the 1932 Dis
Gyro Convention