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Kimberley Board Of Trade : Regular monthly meeting of Kimberley Board of Trade, touching on the subject of paving the southern
Kimberley Board Of Trade
Gyro Club : Cranbrook and Kimberley Gyros hold get-together meeting at Cranbrook Hotel.
Gyro Club
Moir Reports On Year : Report of Secretary of Cranbrooks local Amateur Athletic Association.
Moir Reports On Year
Company Time : Kimberleys Consolidated company set their clocks back to standard time per their custom for several
Company Time
Mines Closed For Armistice : Mines at Kimberley closed on Monday and Tuesday, instead of Sunday and Monday, so Canadian Legion me
Mines Closed For Armistice
Son-in-law Richard Webster Dies : Former resident of East Kootenay Richard Webster dies in Vancouver.
Son-in-law Richard Webster Dies
Council Meeting Report : Cranbrook City Council meeting burns midnight oil with large volume on agenda, including proposal of
Council Meeting Report
Council Report : City Council meeting had Cranbrook Fire Chief stating that when at fires people are driving over the
Council Report
Kimberley Arena : Construction of Kimberley's skating rink complete, touted the largest rink in the Kootenays.
Kimberley Arena
North Star Hotel Fire : Improvements being made to the North Star Hotel in Kimberley after being gutted by a fire.
North Star Hotel Fire
Rod & Gun Club Report : Annual banquet and election of officers held during meeting of Cranbrooks Rod & Gun Club, with recom
Rod & Gun Club Report
Automatic Coal Burner : Kimberley Hotel installed an Iron Foreman, automatic coal burner in connection with its steam heatin
Automatic Coal Burner
Kimberleys Post Office : Kimberley's new post office opened to public.
Kimberleys Post Office
Deanery Meeting in Parish Hall : Representatives from East Kootenay towns attended the first deanery meting of the Women's Auxiliary
Deanery Meeting in Parish Hall
Kimberley Bank of Commerce Building : Kimberley's Bank of Commerce building ready for concrete foundation to be poured.
Kimberley Bank of Commerce Building
Kimberley Skating Rink : Kimberley skating rink directors held raffle for a baby Austin car, won by James Whalley.
Kimberley Skating Rink
Spokane Bus : Newspaper excerpt Kimberley Press - big bus running between Spokane and Cranbrook makes excellent ti
Spokane Bus
W.A. Wells Visits : Special agent for the Knights of Columbus stopped in Cranbrook to give speech on his annual visits f
W.A. Wells Visits
Wycliffe Bridge : New Wycliffe bridge construction employing 50 men at a good start with concrete foundations ready to
Wycliffe Bridge
Kimberley-Wasa Highway : Construction of the bridge over Cherry Creek on the Kimberley-Wasa highway is finished.
Kimberley-Wasa Highway