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Star Stages Run To Kimberley : A sixteen passenger bus now running between Cranbrook and Kimberley.
Star Stages Run To Kimberley
Cranbrook Cash Meat Market : Kimberley man opens cash only meat market in Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Cash Meat Market
Last League Game : Fernie and Lumberton in grand finale of East Kootenay Hockey schedule.
Last League Game
Wycliffe Bridge Movie : Local photo studio takes moving pictures of demolition of old Wycliffe bridge after new Wycliffe bri
Wycliffe Bridge Movie
Cranbrook Policing : Since Cranbrook became a city in 1905 it was policed by City Police but since March 1 Provincial Pol
Cranbrook Policing
Climbing Mount Fisher : Fisher Peak scaled by amateur climbers using easiest way but still took 10 hours.
Climbing Mount Fisher
Lewis Arthur Willicome
Lewis Arthur Willicome
Lewis, Lewis Arthur, Fanny & Winnifred Irene Willicome
Lewis, Lewis Arthur, Fanny & Winnifred Irene Willicome
Cadieux Family
Cadieux Family
Baker 50th Anniversary
Baker 50th Anniversary
Emily Annie Willicome Baker
Emily Annie Willicome Baker
Frederick George Lyle
Frederick George Lyle
Wardner Notes : Comings and goings of residents and visitors of Wardner, as well as another commission of inquiry ov
Wardner Notes
Sullivan Mine : Sullivan Mine in Kimberley finds great strike of ore with high assay values.
Sullivan Mine
Labor Day Kimberley : Running, jumping, baseball and other games were played during Labour day in Kimberley, with many Cra
Labor Day Kimberley
Kimberley Lot Sale : Government owned lots in Kimberley Townsite offered for sale by public auction.
Kimberley Lot Sale
Appeal Tribunal : Hearing of appeals against decisions of Local Military Tribunal No. 26, Cranbrook, for locals who fe
Appeal Tribunal
Appeals Tribunal : Cranbrook Military Exemption Tribunal have completed their sittings with list of exemptions granted
Appeals Tribunal
Cranbrook Rotary Discuss Oil Well : Cranbook will develop with the introdution of gas piped into the city from a well being drilled at D
Cranbrook Rotary Discuss Oil Well
Bull River Autoists : Comings and goings of residents and visitors of Bull River.
Bull River Autoists