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Little Davenport Ad : Restaurant with meals at all hours and "all white help".
Little Davenport Ad
Wasa Hotel : Hhunting and fishing enthusiasts welcome with reasonable rates.
Wasa Hotel
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co. : Drugstore sale on Beef Iron and Wine, to cure debility, exhaustion, improverishment of the blood.
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
J. D. McBride : Motor washing machine sale with only a few left.
J. D. McBride
Star Cleaners : Sale on cleaning lady and gent's suits, french dry cleaned and pressed for $1.50.
Star Cleaners
Little & Atchison : Advertisement offering supplies and sales on items to send in parcels to the boys overseas at the fr
Little & Atchison
McCreery Bros. : Cranbrook's dry goods and clothing stores prices on suits, overcoats, winter underwear, and sweater
McCreery Bros.
Personal Statement : Anti-chinese agitator recommending several Chinese he employed as gardeners and wood cutters.
Personal Statement
Walkleys Meat Market : Walkley's Cash & Carry Meat Market special pricing on meat and lard.
Walkleys Meat Market
Fernie Union Local : United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners Local Union 796 meeting days.
Fernie Union Local
Brick & Lime Producers : Fort Steele manufacturers of brick and lime.
Brick & Lime Producers
Taylor & Hossell : Newspaper advertisement for opening of Cranbrook Miniature Golf Course in Imperial Hotel block.
Taylor & Hossell
Memorial Services : 12th Anniversary of the signing of Armistice ceremony to be held in front of War Memorial on Baker S
Memorial Services
Armistice Day : Armistice Day Ball held at Cranbrook Auditorium.
Armistice Day
Petite Hat Shoppe : Half price sale for all the latest style hats in felts and velvets.
Petite Hat Shoppe
Matt Armstrong, French Polisher : Old furniture repolished and mirrors resilvered at reasonable rates.
Matt Armstrong, French Polisher
Wordens Transfer : Worden's Transfer offering new Corbin washed coal, which holds a steady hot fire for 24 hours or mor
Wordens Transfer
Gyro Ad for Aunt Lucia : Cranbrook Gyro Club sponsoring production of Aunt Lucia in Auditorium.
Gyro Ad for Aunt Lucia
East Kootenay Farmers Institutes Meeting : Annual district institute convention of the Farmer's Institutes of East Kootenay to be held in Cranb
East Kootenay Farmers Institutes Meeting
Scotts Radio Ad : Cranbrook Drug & Book Company has Brunswick and Bosch Radios.
Scotts Radio Ad
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