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Cranbrook Turf & Athletic : Premium list for the first Annual Fair and Races will soon be ready for circulation.
Cranbrook Turf & Athletic
Ballot Box Theft : Article reporting man found guilty of stealing a ballot box is maintaining his innocence.
Ballot Box Theft
Leask : Reporting relocation of tailor shop back to their old quarters.
J.A. Harvey : The Fort Steele solicitor will be opening an office in Moyie.
J.A. Harvey
Cranbrook Turf & Athletic Assoc. : Shareholders general meeting of the Cranbrook Turf and Athletic association.
Cranbrook Turf & Athletic Assoc.
Fort Steele Notes : Reports from Fort Steele on comings and goings of local citizens. One report was Col. Sam Steele wa
Fort Steele Notes
Mining Notes : Article reporting on the ongoing boom of mining in the Kootenays.
Mining Notes
Ross & Herchmer : Advertisement for Barristers, Solicitors, Notaries Public, Conveyancers.
Ross & Herchmer
McMillan the Watchmaker : Prompt repairs on watches, clocks and jewellery.
McMillan the Watchmaker
Statement of Intent : East Kootenay Miner intent on making the paper one of the best sources of information in East Kooten
Statement of Intent
Fort Steele Mining Division : The mining district of East Kootenay is now sub-divided into a Northern District and a Southern Dist
Fort Steele Mining Division
Fort Steele Mining : Article reporting on ever increasing numbers of prospectors who have take out licenses in Fort Steel
Fort Steele Mining
Liberal Association : The permanent organization of the Fort Steele Liberal Association, which, after an election of offic
Liberal Association
Dr. Mewburn Appointed : Appointment of surgeon on the Crow's Nest construction.
Dr. Mewburn Appointed
Assayer : Opening of an assay office in Calgary.
Griffith, North East Kootenay : Reporting arrival of newly appointed Gold Commissioner for Northern East Kootenay.
Griffith, North East Kootenay
Job Printing Ad : Advertisement for neat, artistic job printing.
Job Printing Ad
Shareholders Meeting : Upcoming shareholders meeting of Fort Steele Mining Company with hopes that things can be resolved a
Shareholders Meeting
Bungling Official : Newspaper editorial from frontier papers with editor shows bluntness for bungling officials in gover
Bungling Official
Ledge Office : Reporting the move of "Ledge" offices, where walls are thick and mice can't break in. Also noting c
Ledge Office
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