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Lawns : Recommending the practice of having a well kept yard and lawn.
Baker, James : Newspaper article stating that the colonel was on his way home, also stating that the goverment offi
Baker, James
Cranbrook School Report : Reproduction of March Cranbrook school report with attendance and exam marks listed for Central Sch
Cranbrook School Report
Federal Election Results : Printing the results of election, with Windermere candidate receiving no votes from own home town.
Federal Election Results
Star Theatre Promo : Promoting introduction of distributing free sheet music at Star Theatre to first 100 women.
Star Theatre Promo
Wycliffe Beats Cranbrook : Newspaper article reporting that due to weather conditions the Yahk ball team is unable to attend th
Wycliffe Beats Cranbrook
Cranbrook Library : Canvassing done about town for books and memberships.
Cranbrook Library
Moyie Autoists : Newspaper article reporting an automobile accident west of Moyie. Also reporting the opening of a ne
Moyie Autoists
Patmore Bros. : Newspaper article reporting that the staff of Patmore Bros. has arrived home after a furnace install
Patmore Bros.
Fernie Swastikas Hockey Team : Newspaper article reporting that the Fernie Ladies hockey team has defeated Cranbrook once again.
Fernie Swastikas Hockey Team
Lake Windermere Autoists : Commenting on the number of people motoring to and fro on the Banff-Windermere Highway.
Lake Windermere Autoists
Kimberley Bonspiel : Newspaper article reporting on the British Columbia Curling Association annual curling bonspiel held
Kimberley Bonspiel
Fort Steele Brewery : News on the vacation of former Fort Steele Brewery owner to his old home in Germany.
Fort Steele Brewery
Anglican Rectory : Newspaper article reporting on the garden party given on the Anglican Rectory Lawn, and that it was
Anglican Rectory
Philpot Tenant In Baker Home : Newspaper blurb about Superintendent Philpot's services being appreciated.
Philpot Tenant In Baker Home
Auto Tourism : Newspaper article reporting on vacations taken by certain individuals, and demonstrating why Canadia
Auto Tourism
Reid Auto Tourist : Newspaper article reporting on an old drug store business being taken over by new owners, now the "C
Reid Auto Tourist
School Report : The list of students with promotion exams.
School Report
Remembrance Essays : The Veterans announcing prize winners in Poppy Day Competion.
Remembrance Essays
School Report : Reporting the grades for students in November.
School Report
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