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Fish Hatcheries : Cranbrook Trout Hatchery resigned, new operator overhaulling hatchery equipment before collecting sp
Fish Hatcheries
Road Reconstruction : Ongoing road work on outlying areas in Cranbrook district nearing completion, and more work will be
Road Reconstruction
Orpheum Theatre : Kimberleys' Orpheum theatre discards its old talkie equipment and has new and expensive sound equipm
Orpheum Theatre
Cranbrook Foundry Construction : Work on new building to extend Cranbrook Foundry and Machine shops soon to start and will be fitted
Cranbrook Foundry Construction
Equipment Shed : Cranbrook airport builds equipment shed and 20,640 feet of pipe laid down on Gold Creek diversion pr
Equipment Shed
Kaslo Notes : Kaslo developing with fire equipment, customs, tailor.
Kaslo Notes
Trail Pamphlet : Great description of very early Trail and of transportation to that city.
Trail Pamphlet
Columbia and Western Construction : Details of railway construction contract.
Columbia and Western Construction
Timber Contract : Large cut of ties and bridge timbers underway.
Timber Contract
Quick History of the Lumber Industry : An article by Nancy Miles on the evolution of the lumber industry in East Kootenay up to 1955. Brie
Quick History of the Lumber Industry
Fire Hall Radios : An article on the equipping of Cranbrook fire trucks with transmitter-receivers for Station XJK24, e
Fire Hall Radios
Cranbrook City council meeting : Cranbrook City Council meeting
Cranbrook City council meeting
Auditorium Theatre Fire : Auditorium Theatre Fire
Auditorium Theatre Fire
City Tourist Park extracts : City Tourist Park extracts, Fire Dept.,Police Dept.,Mount Baker Park Joseph Creek.
City Tourist Park extracts
Theatres-Photographers (Russell) : Theatres-Photographers (Russell)
Theatres-Photographers (Russell)
Canadian Legion Constitution : Canadian Legion Constitution
Canadian Legion Constitution
Council Takes Up Routine Work : The highlights and stats of a meeting of the Cranbrook City Council.
Council Takes Up Routine Work
Gyro Show Takes Town By Storm : "The Beauty Shop" captures the hearts of all; zany antics not soon to be forgotten.
Gyro Show Takes Town By Storm
New Airport Building : New Airport Building in Cranbrook 1938
New Airport Building
City Airport : Grant made by Department of Transport to to extend and improve landing facilities at Cranbrook Airpo
City Airport
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