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Miss MacLeod Estate Clearance Ad : Newspaper advertisement everything in woollen goods to be sold at cost to clear up estate of the lat
Miss MacLeod Estate Clearance Ad
Lively Session Of Council : Last council session before elections of new year of councillors. Proves to be a lively session, wit
Lively Session Of Council
Ben Walkley Opens Business : After leaving Cranbrook Meat Market, Ben Walkley opens own meat store.
Ben Walkley Opens Business
Cranbrook Cash Meat Market : Kimberley man opens cash only meat market in Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Cash Meat Market
Opium : American government officials feel as soon as snow melts there will be a great rush by smugglers to
Attic Finished : Warm days and melting snow stimulating people to start renovations, including finishing the attic in
Attic Finished
Cranbrook Post Office : Post Office Inspector expected to announce Cranbrook to soon have a much-needed post office.
Cranbrook Post Office
Bobs Pay n Take-It
Bobs Pay n Take-It
Moyie City : Moyie Leader noting ongoing building boom and other interesting items going on in Moyie City.
Moyie City
Cranbrook Trading Company : Cranbrook Trading Company moving to new store to furnish staples and delicacies as well as a pony ex
Cranbrook Trading Company
Cranbrook and C.P.R. : Land Commissioner of C.P.R returns to Cranbrook after a couple months away and was surprised at grea
Cranbrook and C.P.R.
Cranbrook Booming : Newspaper advertisement - Cranbrook booming and will boom even more once railway is completed as the
Cranbrook Booming
G.H. Miner : Pioneer hardware store with up-to-date ranges and cookstoves, building hardwares and miners' supplie
G.H. Miner
Reid & Company : Leitch Brothers turned over their clothing store to Reid & Co., who increased their stock.
Reid & Company
Fort Steele Mercantile Store : Received large shipment of sash, doors and shingles etc. at Fort Steele Mercantile in Fort Steele an
Fort Steele Mercantile Store
Natal Liquor Store Fire : Wholesale liquor store, hotel and gents furnishing store were burned in fire at Natal.
Natal Liquor Store Fire
Cranbrook Trading Company : New Cash Grocery and Meat Store opened, strictly on a cash basis to enable reasonable prices.
Cranbrook Trading Company
McCreery Bros. : Cranbrook's dry goods and clothing stores prices on suits, overcoats, winter underwear, and sweater
McCreery Bros.
Baker Lumber Company : Notice given that Baker Lumber Co. applied for licence to take and use water out of Plumbob Creek.
Baker Lumber Company
Amateur Dramatic Company : Newspaper article Cranbrook Amateur Dramatic Company leaving for Creston to present "Green Stockings
Amateur Dramatic Company
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