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Cranbrook Theatres : Upcoming events and films at Cranbrooks Edison Theatre and Auditorium, including acrobats, ventriloq
Cranbrook Theatres
Edison Theatre : Cranbrook Edison Theatre featuring comedy pictures.
Edison Theatre
Edison Theatre : Cranbrook's Edison theatre to feature comedy and drama, as well as an animated weekly.
Edison Theatre
Edison Theatre : Cranbrooks' Edison Theatre upcoming feature film and classy singers and clog dancers.
Edison Theatre
Fall Fair Winners : Complete list of prize winners in Cranbrooks' 1912 Fall Fair.
Fall Fair Winners
Cranbrook Autoist : Road superintendent states over 400 miles of roads and trails have been repaired and improved and ab
Cranbrook Autoist
Edison Theatre : Cranbrooks' Edison Theatre plays four reels of films nightly, with no repeats.
Edison Theatre
Kootenay Central : Fort Steele red letter day with the arrival of the first regular passenger train over Kootenay Centr
Kootenay Central
Cranbrook Auditorium : Cranbrook Auditorium featured musical treat of Managing Mildred for their patrons.
Cranbrook Auditorium
Cranbrook Theatres : Upcoming feature films at Cranbrooks' Auditorium and Edison Theatre.
Cranbrook Theatres
Edison Theatre : Cranbrooks' Edison Theatre showing historical feature made expressly for Italian Government, and nex
Edison Theatre
Doukhobors : Train of 18 cars of Doukhobors passed through Cranbrook enroute to Brilliant and Glade, with the 20
Edison Theatre : Upcoming comedies and features playing at Cranbrooks' Edison Theatre.
Edison Theatre
Swimming Pool : Excavation for the foundation of Cranbrook's new men's club started, and building will have a gym an
Swimming Pool
Cranbrook Theatres : Cranbrooks' Rex moving picture theatre rapidly nearing completion, Edison Theatre changing entire pr
Cranbrook Theatres
Veterans Organization : Communication from acting secretary of the National Veterans Association informing editor of Prospec
Veterans Organization
Little Family : Cranbrook residents who have been visiting relatives in Montana are expected home today.
Little Family
Cranbrook Theatres : Upcoming comedies, historical and live performances being shown at Cranbrooks' Auditorium and Edison
Cranbrook Theatres
Veteran Organization : Meeting of veterans to be held in Cranbrook to organize an association, with musical program and sho
Veteran Organization
Clapp : Cranbrook Tobacconist renovated his store with new floor, paper and paint.
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