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St. Eugene Hospital
St. Eugene Hospital
Diamond Jubilee Hospital : Fort Steele Diamond Jubilee Hospital opens new wing and ready for patients.
Diamond Jubilee Hospital
Ymir Hospital - Miss Gray : Nurse Gray, one of the most popular and efficient nurses at Ymir Hospital has quit.
Ymir Hospital - Miss Gray
2nd Fire Hall : Cranbrook City Council urges residents to vote for a satellite fire hall in the November referendum.
2nd Fire Hall
Clapp : Obituary of 81 year old father of Cranbrook cigar store owner.
Cranbrook Rotary : Rotary Club starts crusade for "Better Cities, Better Citizens" in Oklahoma and urges other cities t
Cranbrook Rotary
Diamond Jubilee Hospital : Graduate of St. Luke's Home in Vancouver arrived in Cranbrook and will be in charge of Diamond Jubil
Diamond Jubilee Hospital
Hospital Ladies Aid : Cranbrook Hospital Ladies' Aid society having a meeting in the parlors of Cranbrook hotel, full atte
Hospital Ladies Aid
St. Eugene Hospital : C.P.R. trainman badly crushed between two cars at Fernie, now recuperating at St. Eugene Hospital in
St. Eugene Hospital
Park & Pool : Cranbrook City Council had a long regular monthly meeting dealing with park and pool by-law, cost of
Park & Pool
Clapp : Mr. and Mrs. Clapp have new daughter born at Home hospital.
Isolation Hospital : Calgary architect arrives in Cranbrook to award contract for the erection of an isolation hospital i
Isolation Hospital
GWVA Aims : Dominion Secretary of G.W.V.A. addresses a public meeting at Cranbrooks' Star Theatre, explaining th
Wycliffe Autoists : Auto accident sends Wycliffe woman to St. Eugene hospital to get nineteen stitches for a cut on her
Wycliffe Autoists
Ethel Clapp : Ethel Clapp operated on at St. Eugene hospital for tonsillitis.
Ethel Clapp
Auto Safety : Urging drivers to have more care crossing train tracks with many examples of accidents due to carele
Auto Safety
Cranbrook District Creeks : Newspaper notice listing creeks in Cranbrook district urging everyone who had water rights on them i
Cranbrook District Creeks
City Council Report : Regular meeting of Cranbrook City Council dealing with payments of bills, update on utilities and ex
City Council Report
Cranbrook Construction : Listing all the buildings under construction in Cranbrook at this time.
Cranbrook Construction
Rex Theatre : Cranbrooks' Rex Theatre rapidly approaching completion with proceeds of initial performance to be gi
Rex Theatre
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