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The Kootanais Mines : Newspaper article with a letter from Osoyoos Lake where miners have gone to record claims at Kootena
The Kootanais Mines
Official Report On Kootenay : Coverage of the official trip to Kootenay Country by Colonial Secretary Birch. A very complete desc
Official Report On Kootenay
Express for Kootenay and Other Mining Regions : Newspaper article on Kootenay Expressman undertaking another trip. Discusses connections with other
Express for Kootenay and Other Mining Regions
The Fenians : About a group of exiles called "Fenians" wanting to take Canada from British control. "Fenians" were
The Fenians
Launch of SS Forty-Nine : Article with an excerpt from Oregonian about the launch of Capt. Whites steamer, the SS Forty-Nine (
Launch of SS Forty-Nine
Cranbrook Realty Property Transfers : Newspaper article detailing the large number of property transfers being effected lately.
Cranbrook Realty Property Transfers
Kootenay Trading Company : Dealing with the dismantling of a sawmill in Jaffray and moving equipment to building formerly occup
Kootenay Trading Company
Fights With Indians : Features exerpts from the Portland Oregonian as well as other newspapers on the war with the Indians
Fights With Indians
Stones Ranch : The sale of Stone's Ranch, one of the best know properties in the Cranbrook District.
Stones Ranch
Courier Essay Contest : Report of the Courier Essay contest offered to school children. Lists the winning names.
Courier Essay Contest
Wentworth Hotel : Real estate is very busy. Business properties in demand.
Wentworth Hotel
Kootenay Club : Members of the Kootenay Club at Fort Steele advocating for erection of a new club building.
Kootenay Club
Fort Steele Bakery : The Fort Steele Bakery, stressing its location.
Fort Steele Bakery
Prospector Publishing : Newspaper article reporting the up-coming bailiff's sale of a Cranbrook newspaper.
Prospector Publishing
Bank of Commerce : Newspaper article stating that the Canadian Bank of Commerce will be opened for business on October
Bank of Commerce
Real Estate Activity : Reporting on the on-going demand for residental houses.
Real Estate Activity
Harvey and McCarter : Newspaper ad advertising barristers, solicitors, and notaries public.
Harvey and McCarter
T. M. Roberts : Detailing the purchase of 2 real estate businesses by T.M. Roberts.
T. M. Roberts
Cranbrook Brewery Fire : News article reporting that Cranbrook Brewing Company loses thousands of dollars in accidental fire.
Cranbrook Brewery Fire
New Cafe Fire : Newspaper article reporting on a fire at the New Cafe on Van Horne Street in Cranbrook, with estimat
New Cafe Fire
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