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Cranbrook Library : Public libraries are valuable institutions and assets to a community.
Cranbrook Library
Project Society : Newspaper article Cranbrook Lions Club pledged $10,000 over a three year period towards the city's n
Project Society
Joint Club Council : Newspaper article Joint Service Club Council established to co-ordinate fund raising activities of t
Joint Club Council
Annual Firemens Banquet : Tenth annual firemen's banquet was thoroughly enjoyed by guests.
Annual Firemens Banquet
Crows Nest Pass Curling Assoc. : Nineteen rinks play in curling bonspiel held by Crows Nest Pass.
Crows Nest Pass Curling Assoc.
Chinese Exclusion : Mr. Dunsmuirs claim to have no Chinese in his mines wasn't only a political ploy, he is actively doi
Chinese Exclusion
Chinese Plays : No Chinese women are allowed on stage by decree of an Empress from 1736.
Chinese Plays
Gyro Ball : Cranbrook Gyro Club putting all their energies into getting ready for their annual ball being held i
Gyro Ball
G.W.V.A. Sells Building : Cranbrook branch G.W.V.A. successful smoker held to thank everyone who helped with Empire Day celebr
G.W.V.A. Sells Building
Nurses Remember : St. Eugene Hospital nurses gather to remember the former Cranbrook hospital.
Nurses Remember
3rd Contingent Departure : 3,000 Cranbrook citizens gather to bid farewell to the 47 members of the Cranbrook and district men
3rd Contingent Departure
Invermere Hotel : Cranbrook Courier reporter remembers old Invermere Hotel in its heyday, and his own experience with
Invermere Hotel
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook District Rod and Gun Club secretary escorts Cranbrook Rotarians to many rivers and streams
Cranbrook Rotary
Binning Studios : Cranbrooks former photographer loses mother from heart failure.
Binning Studios
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary Club hold weekly luncheon meeting with speech on the great importance of community
Cranbrook Rotary
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary Club's luncheon meeting included secretary of the "Y" speech on the importance to n
Cranbrook Rotary
GWVA Sells Building : GWVA Sells Building, speakers who attended the meeting,and transfer of property
GWVA Sells Building
Senior Registered Nurses : Senior Registered Nurses celebrate 75th anniversary of association.
Senior Registered Nurses
10th Avenue Outing
10th Avenue Outing
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