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Golden Age Mine : Railway construction workers uncover ten inches of solid galena while working on a right of way thro
Golden Age Mine
Cranbrook Notes : Comings and goings of Cranbrook residents and visitors.
Cranbrook Notes
Wardner Notes : Comings and goings of residents and visitors of Wardner, as well as another commission of inquiry ov
Wardner Notes
Railway Lands : Only unsurveyed lands along the line of the Crow's Nest Pass road are available for settling, no oth
Railway Lands
Moyie Murder : Italian Moyie man murdered now identified and friend and fellow countryman to stand trial for his mu
Moyie Murder
Wardner Notes : First train of cars to cross Kootenay River, ferry across river now charges, comings and goings of W
Wardner Notes
Board of Trade : Board of Trade held special meeting discussing important matters including dealing with tourist traf
Board of Trade
City Council : Cranbrook City Council meeting with City Engineers' reports on utility and services, ongoing upgrade
City Council
The Auditorium : Two young Lethbridge gentlemen completed negotiations to lease the Auditorium Theatre in Cranbrook,
The Auditorium
City Council : Cranbrook City Council monthly meeting, paying of accounts due, repairs and maintenance on city serv
City Council
Japanese Discrimination : Great Northern Railway lands another shipload of Japanese who are being rushed in to help complete c
Japanese Discrimination
Circus : Barnes sold his circus for $1,000,000 but left an estate of only $5,000 after much litigations inclu
Cranbrook Autoists : Comings and goings of East Kootenay residents in automobiles, including witnessing boulders smashing
Cranbrook Autoists
Wycliffe Autoists : Comings and goings of Wycliffe residents and their visitors.
Wycliffe Autoists
Government Road Work : New clearing for provincial government roads and farmers taking advantage of burning season has shro
Government Road Work
Relief Road Work : Relief worker meets with tragic death after being struck by a flying fragment of a stump while worki
Relief Road Work
Wardner Autoists : Comings and goings of Wardner residents and their visiorts, including a sleighing party.
Wardner Autoists
Ambulance Accident : Automobile collides with ambulance, patient was transferred to Greyhound bus line for rest of transp
Ambulance Accident
East Kootenay Survey : Correspondent makes a trip through the East Kootenay and tells the story of the future that awaits t
East Kootenay Survey
Cranbrook - Relief : Cranbrook to receive $24,000 to go towards public works undertaken by unemployment relief workers.
Cranbrook - Relief
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