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Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary meeting featured two guests, the first Cranbrooks undertaker and the second a print
Cranbrook Rotary
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotarians weekly luncheon has speaker president of BC Prospectors' Association and poet wh
Cranbrook Rotary
Cranbrook District Creeks : Newspaper notice listing creeks in Cranbrook district urging everyone who had water rights on them i
Cranbrook District Creeks
Edison Theatre : Upcoming films and programmes for Cranbrooks' Edison Theatre, including the Great Disaster, the sink
Edison Theatre
Edison Theatre : Upcoming pictures being featured at Cranbrooks Edison Theatre, including "In the hands of Mormons."
Edison Theatre
Cranbrook Auditorium : Upcoming features at Cranbrook Auditorium including English house lifted for its foundations by stor
Cranbrook Auditorium
Lester Clapp : Annual meeting of Yellowhead Pass Lumber Co. held in Cranbrook with election of officers.
Lester Clapp
Cranbrook Theatres : Upcoming events and films for Cranbrooks' Edison and Auditorium, with special films for the ladies.
Cranbrook Theatres
Cranbrook Auditorium : Dance given at Cranbrook Auditorium enjoyed by all, with upcoming dances there every two weeks.
Cranbrook Auditorium
City Council Report : Regular meeting of Cranbrook City Council dealing with payments of bills, update on utilities and ex
City Council Report
Michael Phillipps : Early pioneer of Kootenays from Elko and Tobacco Plains visits Cranbrook.
Michael Phillipps
Edison Theatre : Cranbrooks' Edison Theatre change in program, and Kilby Frames Pictures.
Edison Theatre
Cranbrook Construction : Listing all the buildings under construction in Cranbrook at this time.
Cranbrook Construction
Edison Theatre : Upcoming features at Cranbrooks' Edison Theatre, including "Buffalo Bill's Big Wild West Show".
Edison Theatre
First Nations Photography : Indian villages besieged by photographers anxious to secure perfect photographs of Indians, learned
First Nations Photography
Edison Theatre : Cranbrooks' Edison Theatre changes programme every night, upcoming feature "The Indian Massacre".
Edison Theatre
Frank Aid : Alberta Government offers to give $20,000 in assistance to Frank citizens in moving to new location,
Frank Aid
Near Drowning : Card of thanks to mill-men of Standard Mill for rescuing their daughter when she got stuck under the
Near Drowning
Edison Theatre : Upcoming feature at Cranbrooks' Edison Theatre will be a showing of the uprising of the Indians, att
Edison Theatre
Cranbrook Possibilities : Letter to the editor from a visitor to Cranbrook who advises the city to enhance the appearance of t
Cranbrook Possibilities
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