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Hospital Ladies Aid : Cranbrook ball committee presents the Sisters of the St. Eugene Hospital with $262, then discusses t
Hospital Ladies Aid
Sisters & Ladies Aid : Sister of St. Eugene Hospital extend thanks to the ladies of Cranbrook for their donation.
Sisters & Ladies Aid
Ladies Aid : Large attendance requested at meeting to form a ladies aid society.
Ladies Aid
Nurse Reunion : Arrangements being made to celebrate an annual reunion by nurses who trained at the former St. Eugen
Nurse Reunion
Nurses Remember : St. Eugene Hospital nurses gather to remember the former Cranbrook hospital.
Nurses Remember
Edmonton Photo Caption : Fourteen elephants stampede, with six rampaging through Edmonton city, one staying loose all night.
Edmonton Photo Caption
Elephant Rampage : 14 elephants stampede through Edmonton, all because of a yapping little dog.
Elephant Rampage
Government Offices : The government offices for East Kootenay, south division, moved from Fort Steele to Cranbrook May 19
Government Offices
King & Green Offices : One of Cranbrooks old buildings which housed the first medical clinic was demolished, but remembered
King & Green Offices
Cranbrook - Firsts : Detailing some of the important events of Cranbrooks history.
Cranbrook - Firsts
Mounted Infantry Entertained : Local associations urge Cranbrook citizens to attend concert and dance to bid farewell to Cranbrook'
Mounted Infantry Entertained
Milroy Wounded : Cranbrook volunteer with first contingent wounded with gunshot wound to forearm.
Milroy Wounded
Charlie McCowan : Another Cranbrook boy receives serious wounds and is hospitalized with a gunshot wound in the head.
Charlie McCowan
Charlie McCowan : One of Cranbrooks' boys with the first contingent is now out of the hospital in France and is recupe
Charlie McCowan
Sam Kellock : Yahk residents proud parents of twin boys, father able to come home from war to be present for the b
Sam Kellock
Palmer : Wycliffe orchestra member operated on at St. Eugene hospital is in serious condition.
Two Story Addition : Due to increase demands for extra rooms Cranbrook Contractor was awarded the contract to build a two
Two Story Addition
Small Blaze in Laundry : Small blaze in the laundry at St. Eugene hospital, although didn't amount to anything, came as a war
Small Blaze in Laundry
Heating for Cranbrook Hotel : Patmore Bros. busy installing steam and hot water heating at new Cranbrook hotel and new extension t
Heating for Cranbrook Hotel
Hospital Septic Tanks : Patmore Bros. installing septic tanks at St. Eugene hospital for disposal of sewerage.
Hospital Septic Tanks
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