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Cranbrook Autoists : Cranbrook citizens purchasing more automobiles and the comings and goings of citizens and visitors.
Cranbrook Autoists
Gold Creek Pipeline : Local firm starts on construction of concrete pipe at Cranbrooks' Arena ring, which they will use as
Gold Creek Pipeline
Board Of Trade : Cranbrook Board of Trade renews advertising contract to send brochures to Canada, US and European to
Board Of Trade
Road Reconstruction : Ongoing road work on outlying areas in Cranbrook district nearing completion, and more work will be
Road Reconstruction
Bought Lester Clapp : Old time Cranbrook resident visits on his return trip from Nova Scotia to his home in Trail.
Bought Lester Clapp
Baker Mountain : A number of young men and women of Cranbrook attempt scaling Baker mountain but were turned back hal
Baker Mountain
Kaslo News : Mining news and promotion; Kaslo's first park.
Kaslo News
Mining News : False mining promotion.
Mining News
Trail Smelter : Newspaper excerpt Trail Creek News
Trail Smelter
Kaslo News : News of Kaslo and area - mining, business, baseball, etc.
Kaslo News
Fort Steele Trail : Newspaper
Fort Steele Trail
Smelters : Mining is driving Kootenay economy.
Marysville News : People and St. Mary Valley.
Marysville News
Cranbrook Circus Ad : Newspaper advertisement
Cranbrook Circus Ad
Smelting : Pocket smelting.
New Bank Building : Banker Anderson moves into new building
New Bank Building
Anglican Church : Newspaper
Anglican Church
Anglican Church : Newspaper
Anglican Church
Arizona Bill : Last of the big gamblers moves to Trail Creek.
Arizona Bill
Bell & Naden Mill Ad : Newspaper advertisement
Bell & Naden Mill Ad
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