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Mrs. Lake Obituary : Pioneer merchant and rancher of East Kootenay dies as the result of lingering illness.
Mrs. Lake Obituary
New Gas Machine for Hospital : St. Eugene hospital thanks the Cranbrook Ladies' Auxiliary for their efforts in purchasing a new ana
New Gas Machine for Hospital
Hospital Elevators : Contracting firm Sainsbury & Ryan finishing work on Wordens new garage and also have a crew preparin
Hospital Elevators
Clapp : Cranbrook resident who underwent surgery in Spokane is in satisfactory condition.
Windermere Hospital Matron : Cranbrook nurse appointed matron of Windermere District Hospital.
Windermere Hospital Matron
Secretarys Report : Cranbrook Veterans Association's secretary summarizes activities and good works done by the G.W.V.A.
Secretarys Report
Moir : Mrs. Moir condition now deemed hopeful at the St. Eugene Hospital in Cranbrook.
Hospital Ambulance : B.C. Spruce Mills faller injured at work, requiring hospital ambulance.
Hospital Ambulance
St. Eugene Grad : 3 well known young ladies receive their diplomas from Cranbrook St. Eugene's Training School.
St. Eugene Grad
St. Eugene Meeting : Cranbrook and St. Eugene Hospital selected for important clinical meeting of medical men.
St. Eugene Meeting
St. Eugene Hospital : Railroad worker goes to hospital with obstructed hernia but dies two days later.
St. Eugene Hospital
Dr. King : Dr. King is at St. Eugene Hospital as a patient.
Dr. King
Dr. King : Newspaper article Dr. King suffers a relapse and again admitted to Mission hospital.
Dr. King
St. Eugene Mission : Cranbrook resident recovering after having to have his leg amputated after cutting himself on the kn
St. Eugene Mission
St. Eugene Hospital : Mr. Wilton recovering slowly after having his leg amputated.
St. Eugene Hospital
St. Eugene Hospital : Newspaper letter to editor from former patient at St. Eugene Hospital expresses her heartfelt gratit
St. Eugene Hospital
St. Eugene Hospital : Cranbrooks' new St. Eugene Hospital nearing completion, all that will be needed is the personnel of
St. Eugene Hospital
St. Eugene Hospital : Mrs. McInnes returned from a stay in the hospital.
St. Eugene Hospital
St. Eugene Hospital : Mr. Smyth recovering from fever at hospital.
St. Eugene Hospital
St. Eugene Hospital : Moyie resident visits brother confined at Mission hospital due to illness.
St. Eugene Hospital
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