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Council Report : Cranbrook Brewing company asks for a reduction in rates, citing Nelson and Trail breweries pay half
Council Report
Trail Post Office : Trail post office put under new classification, with postmaster receiving salary of $2280 per year.
Trail Post Office
Smelter Hill Traffic Cop : Trail is proposing to station a traffic cop at the foot of Smelter Hill to avoid jams and tie-ups wh
Smelter Hill Traffic Cop
Cominco Pay-Day : Largest payday seen in Rossland since their mines closed down, most of the workers are employed in T
Cominco Pay-Day
Trail, B.C. : Trail resident fined $25 and costs for using obscene language on Trails main thoroughfare.
Trail, B.C.
Gyro Ball : Cranbrook Gyro Club putting all their energies into getting ready for their annual ball being held i
Gyro Ball
Masonic Cornerstone : Kootenay district Mason Grand Master to be in Cranbrook to lay the corner stone of the new Masonic T
Masonic Cornerstone
G.W.V.A. Sells Building : Cranbrook branch G.W.V.A. successful smoker held to thank everyone who helped with Empire Day celebr
G.W.V.A. Sells Building
Elephant Dies : Truant elephant dies in woods, exhausted and with two bullet wounds in her hip. Still one elephant i
Elephant Dies
Trail Condition Survey Ordered : Microfilm Reel B1317 - correspondence authorizing surveying and estimate of cost to repair trail fro
Trail Condition Survey Ordered
Trail Reserve : Microfilm Reel B-1317 letter from Colonial Secretary's office - confirming Mr. Dewdneys' suggestion
Trail Reserve
Edmonton Auto Camp : Edmonton auto camp had nearly 1700 people, in 500 cars, visiting so far this summer.
Edmonton Auto Camp
Shoot the Elephants : Cranbrook residents gearing up to hunt the escaped elephants with guns if they are not captured soon
Shoot the Elephants
Glacier Park Connector : Soon to be possible to travel all the way from Edmonton to the Glacier National park in Montana.
Glacier Park Connector
A.E. Watts : Early pioneer who took the Crow's Nest Pass trail to Cranbrook two years before the railway tells of
A.E. Watts
Town Baseball Games : The results of a few baseball games played in town and at Wycliffe after the formation of Cranbrooks
Town Baseball Games
Tennis : Cranbrook's annual tennis tournament in progress for two weeks, with delays due to weather condition
Zuckerberg Island
Zuckerberg Island
Zuckerberg Island
Zuckerberg Island
Air Photo
Air Photo
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