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Cenotaph Unveiling Program : Newspaper article program arranged for the ceremony of unveiling Cranbrooks War memorial and service
Cenotaph Unveiling Program
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotatians celebrate July 4th at Lumberton, with delegate from Los Angeles convention repor
Cranbrook Rotary
Creston Cenotaph : Newspaper excerpt Creston Review - arrangements for unveiling the Valley's Soldier Memorial are read
Creston Cenotaph
Cenotaph : Cranbrook veterans ambition in life is to make the veteran grounds the most attractive in the city,
Cranbrook District Creeks : Newspaper notice listing creeks in Cranbrook district urging everyone who had water rights on them i
Cranbrook District Creeks
Veteran Organization : Meeting of veterans to be held in Cranbrook to organize an association, with musical program and sho
Veteran Organization
St. Eugene Industrial School : Year end report from principal of Kootenay Industrial School at St. Eugene Mission, summarizing acco
St. Eugene Industrial School
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary Club weekly luncheon with speaker discussing a conference he attended in Vancouver
Cranbrook Rotary
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotarians rehearsing for upcoming Minstrel Show at Star Theatre.
Cranbrook Rotary
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary Club has as speaker Cranbrooks' delegate to the Seventh Older Boys' Parliament in V
Cranbrook Rotary
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary Club rehearsing for upcoming production of the Louisiana minstrels at Star Theatre.
Cranbrook Rotary
Gyros - Mad Capers : For three days Cranbrooks' Auditorium will present musical comedy being put on by local Gyros', with
Gyros - Mad Capers
Cranbrook Rotary Minstrels : Cranbrook Star Theatre will feature combination of Rotary minstrel show and all-talking picture "Red
Cranbrook Rotary Minstrels
Gyro Mad Capers : Chicago resident directs Cranbrook play put on by Gyros' "Mad Capers".
Gyro Mad Capers
Mad Capers Ad : Cranbrook Gyro Club musical comedy "Mad Capers" will feature 50 beautiful girls in gorgeous costumes
Mad Capers Ad
Gyro Pool : Cranbrook Gyro Club sponsoring the construction of a modern swimming pool in Baker Park, proceeds fr
Gyro Pool
Rotary Minstrels : Cranbrook Rotary Clubs' upcoming Minstrel show and all-talking feature picture at Star Theatre will
Rotary Minstrels
Cranbrook Rotary : Dr. Green to lead the million dollar beauty chorus at Cranbrooks' Star Theatre in upcoming Rotary pr
Cranbrook Rotary
Cranbrook Rotary : Announcements for upcoming Cranbrook Rotary Louisiana Minstrel shows and feature picture "Red Hot Rh
Cranbrook Rotary
Cranbrook Rotary : dvertising upcoming Louisiana Minstrel Shows and Matinees being put on by Cranbrook Rotarian Club.
Cranbrook Rotary
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