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Charlie and Ella Whitford
Charlie and Ella Whitford
Miss Valemount 1986
Miss Valemount 1986
Ruth Smith Chesham Crowned
Ruth Smith Chesham Crowned
Coronation Day in Kimberley, BC May 12th, 1937
Coronation Day in Kimberley, BC May 12th, 1937
Helen Geigerich Coronation Day Queen 1953
Helen Geigerich Coronation Day Queen 1953
Indian difficulties : Includes an exerpt from the Boise Con. Mountaineer on the troubles the new miners and settlers are f
Indian difficulties
Bowling : Reprinting a letter of challenge sent to Cranbrook bowling champs from Bull River team, stating they
Windermere Mines : Article reporting on the ongoing good reports coming from the mines in Windermere district.
Windermere Mines
Fort Steele Mining : Article reporting on ever increasing numbers of prospectors who have take out licenses in Fort Steel
Fort Steele Mining
Official Directory : Official directory for Southern East Kootenay, Dominion Cabinet Ministers and Provincial Government
Official Directory
Free Miner : Rights and regulations of Free Miners under the mining laws of British Columbia.
Free Miner
Mining : All thoughts in Cranbrook are in the direction of mining.
Patricia Cafe Sign Defacing : Cranbrook Court hears testimony from 19 witnesses in a sign destruction case.
Patricia Cafe Sign Defacing
Crowe Book : Former Moyie boy now an author of a well written book on mining laws.
Crowe Book
Legal Ferry Agreement : Microfilm reel B-1330 - agreement for building and maintaining a ferry across Quesnel River and char
Legal Ferry Agreement
Government Offices : The government offices for East Kootenay, south division, moved from Fort Steele to Cranbrook May 19
Government Offices
Baseball Challenge : Herald newspaper staff bombarded with responses to challenge to baseball issued by one of their repo
Baseball Challenge
Review of Progress : Review of Cranbrook and district's progress during 1911 and outlook for 1912.
Review of Progress
Mineral Record : Record of mineral locations in Fort Steele district.
Mineral Record
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary club luncheon supplied by wild duck shot at Mud Lake district by visiting Lethbridg
Cranbrook Rotary
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