1969 Cominco Gold Medalists: 0200.0014

1969 Cominco Gold Medalists


Back Row:  R.E. Lefevre, R.T. Foulkes, G.W. Harmston, R.J. Berry, J.T. Johnson,

J. Craig, R.R. Lloyd, W.G. Haywood, J.D. Green, M. Ellison, J. Pearson.


Third Row:  P.E. Glover, E. Leschiutta, S. DeCecco, A. DeBiasio, L.P. Porcellato,

A.H. Bennett, N.D. Cooke, V.G. Frederiksen, E.B. Broadhurst, W.E. Dobbs.


Second Row: H.G. Bryant, H.W. Bayley, E.J. Kambick, R. Hendricks, F.A.C. Campolieto, E.L. Kyle, R.W. Guesford, E.J. Colthorp, P. Doherty.


Front Row:  G. Gerace, G. Cruickshank, H.R.L. Henry, W. Lynes, V. Berno,

I.L. Harper, M.R.J. Girard, G.H. Bird, E.W. Hepper.

0200.0014: 1969 Cominco Gold Medalists

1969 Gold Medalists from Cominco. It is not known what the award was for.

Medium:  Photograph - Image
Date:  1969
Collection:  Kimberley District Heritage Society (0200)


People arrow Lefevrearrow
People arrow Foulkesarrow
People arrow Harmstonarrow
People arrow Berryarrow
People arrow Johnsonarrow
People arrow Craigarrow
People arrow Lloydarrow
People arrow Haywoodarrow
People arrow Greenarrow
People arrow Ellisonarrow
People arrow Pearsonarrow
People arrow Gloverarrow
People arrow Leschiuttaarrow
People arrow DeCeccoarrow
People arrow DeBiasioarrow
People arrow Porcellatoarrow
People arrow Bennettarrow
People arrow Cookearrow
People arrow Frederiksenarrow
People arrow Broadhurstarrow
People arrow Dobbsarrow
People arrow Bryantarrow
People arrow Bayleyarrow
People arrow Kambickarrow
People arrow Hendricksarrow
People arrow Campolietoarrow
People arrow Kylearrow
People arrow Guesfordarrow
People arrow Colthorparrow
People arrow Dohertyarrow
People arrow Geracearrow
People arrow Cruikshankarrow
People arrow Henryarrow
People arrow Lynesarrow
People arrow Bernoarrow
People arrow Harperarrow
People arrow Girardarrow
People arrow Birdarrow
People arrow Hepperarrow
Industry arrow Mining arrow Companies arrow Consolidated Mining and Smeltingarrow

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