Leask Family in Cranbrook: 0342.0001

Leask Family in Cranbrook

Cranbrook, B.C.,


Back row, standing, L-R:      Mrs. Henderson (Tailor’s wife)

                                                Andrew Leask (brother of John Leask)

                                                Margaret Leask (Mrs. John Leask), nee Boyter

                                                Baby Lottie Leask (daughter of John Leask) born 1899

                                                (?) Henderson (Tailor – partner of John Leask)

                                                Laura Leask (Mrs. George Leask)

                                                Mrs. Jack Scott (presumed)

                                                Jack Scott (cousin from Spokane, Washington)

                                                John Leask (father of Merritt {“Whitey”} Leask)

                                                (?) Scott (cousin from Spokane, Washington


Seated, L-R:                           Mr. Liddicot Sr. (father of Vince Liddicot)

                                                Annie Leask (Mrs. Tom Leask)

                                                Sarah Leask (Mrs. Andrew Leask)

                                    Andrew Leask (father of John, Tom, Andrew & George)

                                    (?) Scott (cousin from Spokane, Washington

                                    Vince Liddicot (his sister Laura married George Leask)

                                    George Leask (Builder, son of John Leask)


Children, front row, L-R:       Lillian Leask (daughter of John Leask)

                                                Irving Leask (daughter of John Leask, who later changed

                                                her name)

                                                Lionel Leask (son of George Leask)


0342.0001: Leask Family in Cranbrook

Leask family photo taken at the home of Tom and Annie Leask, in Slaterville which is now part of Cranbrook, B.C. Back row from left:Mrs. Henderson, Andrew Tulloch Leask, Margaret Ellen Leask holding Lottie, Thomas Leask, Scott cousin, Mr. Henderson. Laura Leask, Mrs. Scott nee Leask, Jack Scott, John Leask, AScott cousin. Front row from left: James Liddicoat, Ann Melville Leask, Mary Ann Leask, Andrew Leask, Scott cousin, Vince Liddicoat, Gweorge Leask. Front: Lillian Leask, Irvy Leask, Lionel Leask Missing family member would be James Leask who came to Cranbrook at a later date than rest of the family.

Medium:  Photograph - Image
Date:  1900
Collection:  Cranbrook Archives (0342)


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