Governor General's Visit: 0237.0002

Governor General's Visit

This photograph recently appeared in the Kootenay Advertiser’s “Directions 88” magazine.  We asked for information and an anonymous contributor sent us this list of names.



Governor General’s visit to Sullivan Mine,

May 6, 1948


Left to right:


1.  Unknown,     2.  J.W. Stewart,     3.  Mayor R. Stang (Cranbrook),      4.  Geo McKay,     5.  R.M. Porter  (at rear),     6.  J.R. Geigerich,    7.  Aide-de-Camp Major General Letson,      8.  Don Corker,     9.  Mayor C. Swan,     10.  A. Nicholson,   11.  E.J. Colthorp (at rear),

12.  J. Byrne,     13.  C.D.M. Chisholm,    14.  Alderman A.E. Jones (Cranbrook),  

15.  P.T. Bloomer,     16.  W.G. Jewitt,     18.  Dr. A.C. Freeze (at rear),    

19.  Viscount Alexander of Tunis – Governor General of Canada,    

20.  Viscountess Alexander of  Tunis  (Lady Margaret Diana),      21.  Unknown,    

22.  Lady in waiting,     23.  Mrs. A.E. Jones (Cranbrook),      24.  Mrs. R. Stang,

25.  Mrs. C. Swan,     26.  Mrs. D. Corker,     27.  Mrs. J. Byrne,     28.  D.S. Campbell,

29.  W.R. Banks.

0237.0002: Governor General's Visit

Newspaper - Governor General's visit to Sullivan mine, Kimberley, BC. - See text for name list.

Medium:  Ephemera - Image
Date:  May 6, 1948
Collection:  Kimberley District Heritage Society (0237)


governor group mining gateway tunnel


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