Safety Inspection Meeting Kimberley, BC 1956: 0197.0001

Safety Inspection Meeting Kimberley, BC 1956

Safety Inspection Meeting

Course B



J. Biker                       Trail

Ken Bassett                Calgary

Spike Forster              Trail

Mac McArthur            Kimberley

W. Ware                     Trail

Clarence Littler            Yellowknife

Bill Melvin                   Trail

Fred Pearson               K. F.

Frank Webster            Salmo

Barney Ralph               Kimberley

John Westaway           Trail

Joe Dunlop                  Trail

Jim Miller                    Montana

George Kalmakav       Kimberley

Fred Southam             Tulsequah

Mike O’Donoughue    Trail

Eric Todd                   Trail

Tommy Routledge       Trail

Erving Mathisen           Riondel

Roy Easton                 Kimberley


0197.0001: Safety Inspection Meeting Kimberley, BC 1956

Safety Inspectors meeting Course B, location presumed to be Kimberley, BC. 1956

Medium:  Photograph - Image
Date:  1956
Source:  56 KDHS.83.1
Collection:  Kimberley District Heritage Society (0197)


meeting safety inspector projector screen group


People arrow Bikerarrow
People arrow Bassettarrow
People arrow Forsterarrow
People arrow McArthurarrow
People arrow Warearrow
People arrow Littlerarrow
People arrow Melvinarrow
People arrow Pearsonarrow
People arrow Websterarrow
People arrow Ralpharrow
People arrow Westawayarrow
People arrow Dunloparrow
People arrow Millerarrow
People arrow Kalmakavarrow
People arrow Southamarrow
People arrow O'Donoughuearrow
People arrow Toddarrow
People arrow Routledgearrow
People arrow Mathisenarrow
People arrow Eastonarrow
Industry arrow Miningarrow

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