Central School Photo: 0139.0150

Central School Photo

Kimberley Central School

November 14, 1933,

Grade 3


Teacher:  Miss Dorothy McCowan


Reads left to right:


Back row:

Stephania Slusarski,   Phyllis Collins,   Dyllis Jones,   Lucille Fontaine,   Isobel Hystead, Kathleen Halpin,   Kathleen Thompson,   Mildred Johnson,   Coral (Cody) Chatson,

Teacher Miss Dorothy McCowan


Second row:

Billy Leith,   Gordon Dixon,   Gordon Adalard,   Lindsay Conroy,   Bill Armstrong,

Earl Ralph,   Frank Howard,   Arvid Osing,   Bob Fulton,   Steven Cribb,   Eddie LaFortune,


Third row:

Peter Burnette,   June McKenzie,   Jeanette MacLeod,   Ellen Hoskovich,   Margaret Raynor, Annie Blazina,   Leone Bonnell,   Pauline Armstrong,   Violet Harvey,   Pearl Buzzan


Front row:

John Dahl,   Fred Miles,   Clarence Littler,   Mike Diduk,   Larry Musser,   Bill Muir,   Pat May, Herbert Lindquist,   Louis Alberton,   Barney Ralph,   Dick Cavanaugh


0139.0150: Central School Photo

Central School, Kimberley, BC. Grade 3, teacher Miss Dorothy McCowan. See text for name list.

Medium:  Photograph - Image
Date:  November 14, 1933
Collection:  Kimberley District Heritage Society (0139)


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People arrow Thompsonarrow
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People arrow Osingarrow
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People arrow Cribbarrow
People arrow LaFortunearrow
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People arrow MacLeodarrow
People arrow McKenziearrow
People arrow Hoskovicharrow
People arrow Raynorarrow
People arrow Blazinaarrow
People arrow Bonnellarrow
People arrow Armstrongarrow
People arrow Harveyarrow
People arrow Buzzanarrow
People arrow Dahlarrow
People arrow Milesarrow
People arrow Littlerarrow
People arrow Didukarrow
People arrow Musserarrow
People arrow Muirarrow
People arrow Mayarrow
People arrow Lindquistarrow
People arrow Albertonarrow
People arrow Ralpharrow
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