Central School: 0139.0006

Central School

Kimberley School

Date: 1922



Left to right:

Livingstone, McCormick, Lindquist, John Dahl, Albert Hedquist, Chris Foote, Paul Soderholm, Gertrude Foster, Sam Soderholm, Eva Spinks, Jessie Bonner, Gauthier, Gold, Twells, Ada Helquist, W. Burdett, Phyllis Blayney, Eileen Montgomery, Ida Hannington, Louise Fisher, Emily Pearson, Lois Spinks, Thelma Pearson, Winnifred Houle, Flegel, Anderson, Flo McKrison, Mary May


* According to Mrs. Waldie:

- Eva Spinks, front of teacher

- Helen Bonner in front of basket

- 16th, Tommy Summers

- 17th, Henry McKay

- 13th, Paul Bachynsky – white top and dark pants

- Bryn Blayney – by flag pole

- Louise Fisher

- Emily Mason

- Thelma Pearson


Teacher: Al Robertson (in doorway)


Grade I – Mrs. Tommy (Marion) Thompson

Grade II – Agnes Stevenson

Grade III – DeBolt,

Grade IV – Molly Johnson



0139.0006: Central School

Central School (on front of photo, states Kimberley School) Kimberley, BC. See text for name list. Teacher Al Robewrtson in doorway.

Medium:  Photograph - Image
Date:  1922
Collection:  Kimberley District Heritage Society (0139)


school class photo teacher yard


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