Map of Eremenko property: 0143.0158

Map of Eremenko property

                                                                                                4842 Tono Way

                                                                                                Sacramento, CA 95841

                                                                                                Aug. 24, 1985


Dear Lucille Doucette.

It took longer than I thought to go through the old pictures.   I hope they will be of interest.  They are a donation.  I have other copies or feel they will be of no interest to my children.

Some of the pictures have comments on the back.  Others I have identified.  Hope the map will help.

Someplace I have a picture of the 1st grade class 1940.  I didn’t know if you would be interested so have not “dug for it”.

You should contact my aunt, Larissa Eremenko.  I sure she could give you information.  My memory is from ages 7 – 10.



Ruth Bennett

0143.0158: Map of Eremenko property

Map describing property of Eremenko's by relative, Ruth Bennett of California. Property in Castlegar, BC. Referenced are a series of photos that Ruth sent in with the map. See text for letter.

Medium:  Ephemera - Image
Date:  Circa 1940
Collection:  Kootenay Gallery of Art, History & Science (0143)



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(0143-0111) Aerial view of Castlegar, B.C.


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