Marysville News: 0054.0272

            Henry Breautt gave quite an exhibition on bronco busting in Marysville this week.


            Dan McKay, government road master was in Marysville this week.  He has been up the St Marys locating the new trail which is to be cut out at once.




            The Tribune hears good authority that construction on the proposed railway up the St. Marys river will be commenced next year without fail.

            This will be a great boom to the country in general and something for the citizens of Marysville to look forward to as our town will without a doubt be the base of supplies and headquarters for construction.

0054.0272: Marysville News

People and St. Mary Valley.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  June 14, 1902
Pages:  4
Publisher:  Marysville Tribune
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0054)


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