Boosting Marysville: 0054.0237

NO TOWN EQUALS IT. – Marysville is Making Wonderful Strides. – A Solid Town On Solid Basis. – And Will Go Ahead as a Pay Roll Center of Progressing Prosperity.

            As we said last week there are those who do not believe in Marysville.  There are people who did not believe in Spokane, in Butte, in Vancouver and in a hundred other places one might mention.  But they were wrong.  And the people who do not believe in Marysville as a coming, prosperous, progressive and growing town are wrong also.

            Where in British Columbia, or for that matter in the entire west, can anyone point to as much work done in the same space of time as on the Marysville smelter site?  Forty-three days only have been spent at the present time on the construction of the smelter.  During that time the frames of all the buildings have been completed, the flume or water line has been finished, the foundation for the walls in the roaster building are done and the trestles for the three railway tracks are almost finished at this writing.  We say again show me a paralleled case in the entire west.

            Of course providence has been good, as providence always is when a good work is going on and the evil one is knocking it.  The weather this winter has been all any one could ask and not one minute has been lost from stress of weather.  Again the men in charge, the superintendent, the construction engineer and the engineer of erection are men who know their business and have wasted neither time nor opportunity for pushing the construction ahead.  The workmen employed have been those who understood their work and who worked in harmony with their superiors.

            Only this week nine car loads of material have arrived on the company’s side track.  Three car loads of castings have been received from the Union Iron Works of Spokane, for the roaster building.  One car of fire brick, one car of fire clay, one car of Portland cement all these imported direct from England, a car of lime from the Northwest Territories and a car each of hay and oats.

            There are several car loads of corrugated iron on the way and to arrive within a few days.  This will be used to cover all the smelter buildings except the power house which will be sided with lumber and will have a shingled roof.  Several cars containing the auxiliary steam plant which will be used, when necessary, in conjunction with the water power are already shipped.

            Several other cars of miscellaneous machinery are also ordered and will be here as soon as wanted.

            All will be ready in the way of brick as soon as the brick is wanted.  310,000 brick are now ready for delivery at Early’s brick yard.  155,000 more are burning at the present time and when they are burnt 500,000 will be ready to be set on fire.  The company’s saw mill has about finished sawing the timber necessary for the buildings.

            If the weather keeps good all will be ready for the smelter to blow in by May 31st.  Not only is work being pushed on the smelter but at the Sullivan mine work has begun.  G.W. Hull the superintendent told a Tribune man this week that solid work would begin at the mine next month and that the new shaft, now 60 feet deep, will be sunk to the 11o foot level when drifting 30 feet to the old workings.  “Within sixty days,” said Mr. Hull, “we shall have a large force of men at the mine.  There are 250,000 tons of ore in sight at the mine, enough to keep the smelter going for years without any further development.  So anyone with a reasonable amount of common sense can see that Marysville will be and cannot help being a growing and progressive town.”

0054.0237: Boosting Marysville

An article charting Marysville's economy and industrial base.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  January 25, 1902
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Marysville Tribune
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0054)


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