Kaslo Light System: 0054.0112

ELECTRIC LIGHT SYSTEM. – A Private Company Makes A Proposal to the City Council. – Would Built at Once.

            John L. Retallack, George Alexander of the International Trading Company, and others, are about to make an important proposal to the city council and the people of Kaslo.

            A company which they will form, will put in a complete and thoroughly equipped electric light system capable of lighting the town with both arc and incandescent lights, upon the following conditions: The city to contract and pay for at a figure, approximately $100, per month, twelve arc lights, for a period of ten years, and the company’s plant to be exempt from taxation for the same period.  The company will guarantee to furnish first-class lights at a reasonable figure to consumers.

            The plan has many features to recommend it and should be given full consideration.  The plan of public electric light systems has proven for the most part, a failure the world over.  The expense of maintenance and operation is great and add to the burden of government.  In the case of Kaslo it is pointed out that the city, while in need of a light system, has far greater need for a sewerage system, and that the residue, if any, after the completion of the water system, should be used for that purpose.  Then too, there is the matter of the public wharf, which will ere long demand attention and it can be argued that the city council bear all these burdens.  The company will not ask for a charter or exclusive franchise, and is willing to comply with the suggestions of some of the councilmen, that the city be given the privilege of taking the plant at a certain figure after a certain period.

            The matter has been placed before the individual members of the council, all of whom are impressed with the plan and idea outlined, and will probably be put before that body formally and in detail at its next meeting.

0054.0112: Kaslo Light System


Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  August 8, 1896
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Kaslo Kootenaian
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0054)


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