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SWIMMING POOL ASSURED CRANBROOK – Estimated Cost Project Seven Thousand Dollars – Pool Will Have Total Area of 125x250 Feet – Special Section for Kiddies’ Bathing

            The Cranbrook Gyro Club, which body is sponsoring the construction of a modern swimming pool in Baker Park, are actively engaged in working out details for a start on the work as soon as spring opens up, when the work will be proceeded with on the first unit.  The swimming pool is the major activity of the local club and with that end in view are devoting their energies to raising the necessary funds.  Proceeds from the production of “Mad Capers,” which will occupy the boards at the Auditorium theatre for three nights, February 27, 28 and March 1, will be earmarked for the pool project.  It is hoped the citizens will whole-heartedly support the club in their endeavors to give Cranbrook a thoroughly up-to-date swimming pool.

Gyro Swimming Pool

            In considering the construction of a swimming pool for the general use of the public the two major considerations were the question of cost and the location of the pool from the viewpoint of convenience to the public and suitable setting in appropriate surroundings.

            The ideal solution would be a concrete pool with covered enclosure, provision for heating of water and heating of building, and located as centrally as possible in the city.  The initial cost of constructing such a pool is prohibitive for a city of Cranbrook’s size and, even if it were possible to raise the initial capital cost, the maintenance and operating expenses would be very much greater than the revenue that would be derived from it.

            To construct a concrete pool without covering building and heating systems, within the central part of the city, would mean a very heavy expense for the actual area available for swimming, and a short season, and, unless high board fences were constructed all around it, would give an appearance of undue publicity which would tend to restrict its patronage.

            In the selection of the lower portion of Baker Park the utilizing of the existing stream for the creation of a semi-natural lake will give a pool of extended area at a very moderate cost, and a setting that can at very little expense be made into a beauty spot, whilst at the same time keeping within a short distance of the centre of the city.

            The pool as planned will have a total area of 125x250 feet and will hold approximately one million gallons of water.  It will be constructed parallel with Lumsden Avenue from the present wooden bridge south to the edge of the timbered areas.  On the west side – along the edge of Lumsden Avenue – a sand beach 25 feet wide by 250 feet long will be constructed, sloping gently to the water.  The whole pool will have a sand bottom 18 inches in thickness, the depth of water over the sand gradually increasing from nothing at the edge of the beach to eight feet near the centre of the pool.  Cement concrete walls will be built across both ends and along the east side.  This side of the pool will be excavated to give an average depth of eight feet of water along the full 25o feet length and for a width of about sixty feet.  A section 50x100 feet with a maximum depth of thirty inches of water will be railed off at the south-west corner of the pool for the use of small children.  The whole pool and beach will be surrounded by a concrete sidewalk five feet wide and, when funds are available, lighted by six ornamental light standards.

            Parking grounds for autos will be constructed at the north end of the pool on both sides of St. Joseph’s Creek and dressing lockers near the south-east corner.  A grass lawn 75x250 feet will be laid out along the east side sloping gently towards the pool and planted with suitable trees.

            Warming and changing of water in the pool will be accomplished by construction of wide riffles covered with galvanized iron and placed sufficiently far up the creek to catch the heat of the sun throughout the day.  The supply of water over these riffles into the pool will be controlled; the rest of the flow of the creek being passed under the pool by means of a concrete pipe.

            Further work in improving the park and laying out picnic grounds, etc., in the adjacent wooded areas is contemplated by the City Council, and will probably be carried out from time to time as funds are available.

            The estimated cost for the whole swimming pool project including fencing, etc., is approximately $7,000.00.

0052.0817: Gyro Pool

Cranbrook Gyro Club sponsoring the construction of a modern swimming pool in Baker Park, proceeds from upcoming production of "Mad Capers" will be earmarked for the project.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  February 20, 1930
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0052)


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