Cranbrook Rotary: 0052.0667

ROTARY CLUB HOLD BUSINESS MEETING – Each Rotarian Invited a Competitor to Attend Tuesday Evening’s Meeting.

            Conforming ot the request of International Rotary the Cranbrook Club held its Better Business Methods meeting Tuesday evening at 7 o’clock in the Y.M.C.A. with a 100 per cent attendance, the first in many gatherings.

            The meeting was novel for Cranbrook, inasmuch as every member of the club, twenty-three in number, was compelled to invite a man of his own classification outside of Rotary and be given the privilege of paying for that gentleman’s supper.

The Members and Guests

            President Marsh invited J.H. McQuaid and W.R. Grubbe.

            Harry McKowan invited Ed. Home, of Yahk.

            Will Attridge invited A.A. MacKinnon.

            Doc Greene invited Judge Thompson.

            M.A. Beale invited Alderman J.A. Arnold.

            Jake Fink invited Bob Burch, of McCreery Bros.

            Frank MacPherson invited F.H. Dezall.

            Ed. (Rev.) McKay invited Rev. F.V. Harrison.

            Doc. Miles invited Doc. Fergie.

            Dad Worden invited Percy Adams.

            Charlie Little invited John Manning.

            Jack Delany invited E.H. Patmore.

            L.P. Sullivan invited F.A. Williams.

            Joe Schell invited Archie Corie.

            Fred Scott invited A.P. Noble.

            Henry Wilson invited Archie Raworth.

            George Robson invited Elmore Staples of Wycliffe.

            Charlie Ward invited A.E. Turner.

            Bert Jones invited Mr. Robb, contractor on the school addition.

            Bert McPhee invited J.H. Dubois.

            Morris Clark invited Supt. Flett.

            Al. DeWolf invited J.G. Cummings.

            Alan Graham invited George J. Spreull.

            Following the roll call and the singing of club songs, President Marsh turned the meeting over to Bill Attridge, chairman of the Better Business Methods committee, who shot a question at every member pertaining to the principles of Rotary in business.  Some snappy speeches resulted, the guests of the evening learning something of the inner workings of the club, its aims and ambitions.

            The stunt end of the programme was well carried out and brought forth a roar of laughter.  The honor of cutting the ices fell to Judge Thompson, who performed a very graceful deed in carving the specially prepared “cake.”  Jack Delany, for his untiring efforts in Rotary work, was the recipient of a well prepared duck, sent in by his many admirers.

            George J. Spreull was the chief speaker of the evening and offered a criticism of business men and business methods.  He hit hard in spots, pointing out the dangers which a small town business man is liable to fall into.  The address as a whole should result in a lot of fellows sprucing up who have got into the happy-go-lucky method of dress and business ethics.

            Old Macdonald’s Farm was given the once over at the conclusion of the programme, which was sung with a vim that put real pep into the wind up of the meeting.

Minstrel Show

            The date for the first annual Rotary minstrel show has been set for January 5th and 6th.  The troup is getting down to practice and there promises to be something good for the two nights.  Two practices a week of the chorus is being held.

0052.0667: Cranbrook Rotary

Each member of Cranbrook Rotary was instructed to invite, and pay for the meal, of one of his competitors in business.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  December 1, 1922
Pages:  1
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0052)


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