Doris Kershaw: 0052.0630

FORT STEELE (From our own correspondent)

            The social event of the season was on Friday night when Miss Doris Kershaw and Miss Mary Terrace were hostesses at a party and dance in the Masonic hall in honor of Fred S. Ryckman of the Indian department, who has recently been transferred from Fort Steele to new headquarters at Cranbrook.  The hall was beautifully decorated with streamers of red and green and festoons of autumn leaves, while the refreshment table was gay with flowers and plants, also an abundance of good things to eat, each lady bringing a lunch basket and the boys providing the cars for transportation of the guests from Cranbrook.  About thirty-five young couples tripped the light fantastic until midnight when a most delicious supper was served.  Then on with the dance and the young people couldn’t do any sitting out dances with the delightful music of the C.R.C. orchestra playing the latest hits which were jazzy enough to suit everyone.  The party was ably chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. Dan Burton, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Blaine.  The music by the orchestra was excellent.  The players were Leonard Burton, relieved by Louis Yoder, Jack Ward, Jim Cassidy, Nigel Thompson, Arthur Burch and Mrs. Helmsing.  The guests of the evening were: Misses M. Burton, G. Challender, Helen Neil, L. Armstrong, V. Wolfe, D. Staples (Wycliffe), Muriel Baxter, Grace MacFarlane, Mildred Harvey, Frances Noble, Miss Hamilton, E. Taggart, Marie Patterson, Marion Drummond, Miss Davey, Marjory Goodman, Mary Stavely, Ruth Stanton, E. Eastman, Myrtle Martin, Ida. M. Fleury, Mrs. A. Burge, Mrs. H. Kershaw, Messrs. Donald Burton, H.F. McLean, John Armour, H.R. Dove, A. L. Batchelor, J. Diamond, R. Jay, R. Armstrong, Miles Gibson, W. Fulton, Bert Johnson, Jimmy Jones, Everett Staples (Wylciffe), F. Gibson (Bull River), Paul Klinestiver (Lumberton), Milo Drummond, E. Hogarth, T. Hogarth, A.L. Manning, T. Stewart, Frank Bamford, Percy Sharp, A.L. Hay, Dr. Huffman, Bubbs Bowness, F. Binmore, A. Gill, H. McLellan, Gordon Armstrong, Paul McNeil.  Everyone had a good time and all wish Mr. Ryckman a good time and every success in his new home.

0052.0630: Doris Kershaw

Two Cranbrook misses throw social event of the season with a dance at Fort Steele in honor of Fred Ryckman of the Indian department being transferred from Fort Steele to new headquarters at Cranbrook.

Medium:  Newspaper - Text
Date:  October 13, 1922
Pages:  10
Publisher:  Cranbrook Courier
Collection:  Columbia Basin Institute (0052)


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